Excellence in Customer Service

The excellent customer service provided by the units within Administrative Services continues to be recognized by the USF community.

May 2013

Yiu Yung "George" Cua, Maintenance Technician, Physical Plant, has been recognized by Gabi Harmon from University College for the demonstration of excellent customer service! In a note to Physical Plant management, Gabi indicated that she had complained to George about the HVAC system and noted that the air was not blowing correctly from the vents. When George assessed the problem, he quickly moved to resolve the air circulation issue and then took the initiative to also clean the ducts to maximize the efficiency of the system.

Gabi stated, "George came in to NEC to clean the ducts and I mean CLEAN! Some of the ducts must be 15 feet high. He cleaned about 10 vents and vacuumed walls where he saw dust. I was so impressed that I took pictures. That is outstanding service!" She also went on to add, "I have been at USF for almost 10 years and never have I received the level of service that I have from George. I thank George for what he does (excellent) and how he does it (with Bull Pride)."

April 2013

Hoang Nguyen, Manager, Technical Services, Physical Plant, was recently recognized by the Office of the Dean in the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) for his many years of outstanding customer service. In a letter of appreciation, Josh Broer, Facility Manager, CAS, stated, "For years now, Hoang has unselfishly come to our aid when asked for help with generating spreadsheets and reports pertaining to the Space Information System. He is always available and generous with his time when we call him – despite the fact that we know him to be a very busy and time-limited employee. Equally important, he not only helps us with reports, but he does so with a seemingly genuine willingness to help and a tone of voice that suggests he's eager and proud to help our College succeed."

Pooran Partap and Stephen Fordyce, Maintenance Technicians, Physical Plant, were recently recognized for their teamwork in getting the College of Public Health's Dr. Russell Kirby and staff settled in and functioning in their new location in NEC. In a note from Caron Watkins, Research Support Specialist, she stated: "Steve did an amazing job placing Dr. Kirby's plaques on the wall; Dr. Kirby was thoroughly pleased. Pooran arrived on Monday and made every effort to 'right what was wrong' in the NEC 2nd floor world. Everyone is so happy. Steve and Pooran are truly appreciated."

University Police Officer Howard Owens was recently recognized by a parent of a student who had his laptop taken from his residence hall. The parent was greatly appreciative of Officer Owens taking extra time with his son and making the experience positive. Because of Officer Owen's great customer service, both father and son have confidence in how the University's police department handles situations for its students.

March 2013

Ed Przybylko, Learning & Development Facilitator/Occupational Health Trainer, Environmental Health and Safety, has been recognized by Suzette Lemrow, Academic Program Specialist, USF College of Nursing, for the assistance he provided in addressing an ergonomic issue. Suzette referenced the ergonomic handouts given out at the Benefits Fair and immediately contacted Ed. He responded immediately, provided a quick assessment, and made his recommendations. We are pleased to say that Suzette is doing well and that several others at the College of Nursing have contacted Ed for assistance.

Yiu Yung "George" Cua, Maintenance Technician, Physical Plant, received kudos regarding his recent work at the first floor clinic in the CMS building. Sandra Leck, Regional Clinic Nursing Supervisor, CMS and USF Health Pediatric Clinics stated, "George has been very professional, prompt and always ensures that any requests are met with satisfaction. He clarifies the request and always goes above and beyond to meet the request for the work orders. On behalf of the clinic and providers, I want to send our gratitude and appreciation for George's attention to detail."

January 2013

Rosalyn Franklin, Custodial Superintendent, and Charles Watts, Assistant Manager, Custodial Services, Physical Plant, have been recognized by Trina Johnson, Department Manager, on behalf of the USF Eye Institute for the amazing job done with the care of the carpet in the administrative area of the institute. Trina stated "The carpet looks great; it is evident that the floor crew takes great pride in their work. Thanks so much for the work that is being done at the Eye Institute."

December 2012

Eric Hunter, Director, Campus Recreation, passed along his thanks and appreciation to a team of Physical Plant employees for committing time and resources to the Campus Recreation Center. Specifically named were Toufic Moumne, Assistant Director, Facilities Enhancement, Hollie Chancey, Manager, Maintenance & Special Allocation, Andy Nogueira, Project Manager, Facilities Enhancement, Pooran Partap, Maintenance Technician, Maintenance & Special Allocation, Sheila Burgess, Manager, Building Services & Vending, and Mary Jackson, Assistant Manager, Building Services & Vending.

September 2012

Yiu Yung "George" Cua, Maintenance Technician, Physical Plant, has been recognized by the College of Education's Stavros Center with a Distinguished Service Award for his outstanding customer service over the years. Dr. Dick Puglisi, Director of the Stavros Center, and his team presented George with the award on Thursday, September 27th.

In presenting the award, Dr. Puglisi stated the recognition was for George's tireless and outstanding dedication to providing exemplary service in a consistent, courteous and friendly manner. Please join us in congratulating George on this well-deserved recognition. He has set an example for all of us to follow in serving our many customers throughout the university.

August 2012

In a letter to friends of the center, Manoug Manougian, Professor and Director of the Stem Education Center, College of Arts and Sciences, acknowledged the organizations and individuals that made the program possible. Among those acknowledged by Professor Manougian were Sandy Lovins, VP, Administrative Services, Michael Ballester, Facilities Project Manager, Facilities Enhancement, Toufic Moumne, Assistant Director, Facilities Enhancement, and Bruce Smith, Facility Manager, College of Arts and Sciences, who under very difficult conditions provided the venue for the program.