Excellence in Customer Service

The excellent customer service provided by the units within Administrative Services continues to be recognized by the USF community.

April 2014

Linda Goolsby, Sr. Custodial Worker, and Margie Wright, Custodial Worker, Physical Plant, have been recognized for their outstanding work in the FOB Building. Ola Wilson, Call Center and Mailroom Supervisor, USF Health, wrote: "We have had quite a few people to come and go and I can tell you Linda is one of the best. I see her several times during the day and she's always busy. Even the bathrooms are much cleaner than they have been in the past. I know Margie too from the medical clinic days and nobody stays busy and cleans like she does. Linda is a good worker too and I hope she is able to stay around for us. She is always friendly and helpful."

Brian Abrams, Transportation Supervisor, and Clarence Bostick and Petros Bakomihalis, USF Bullrunner drivers, Transportation & Parking Services, were recently recognized for their outstanding service in assisting with a Class Reunion. Kristen Slusser, Student and Alumni Relations Assistant, USF Alumni Association, wrote: "Thank you so much for setting up the transportation for the Class of 1964 Reunion hosted by the Alumni Association! The guests thoroughly enjoyed the campus tour and our bus drivers were great! Clarence and Petros were fantastic in being prompt and informative. I appreciate your commitment to this event and look forward to working together in the future!"

Jerry Blair, Building System Control Technician, and Robert Lewis and Corey Jackson, Student Building Systems Control Technicians, Physical Plant, have been recognized for their outstanding response to a card swipe issue at the Health Science Laboratory. Christopher Rogers, Scientific Researcher, USF Health, wrote: "These guys did an excellent job and were quite nice and helpful. I was shocked by how quickly they responded and how diligent they were in attending to the problem."

Camilla Daughrity, Erin Charles, Fran Salo, Luis Gonzales, and Michelle Garcia, Customer Service Team, Parking and Transportation Services received special thanks from the College of Nursing Student Affairs Team for going above and beyond in providing help with their undergraduate student orientation. Within in a couple of hours, they pulled together a package of information for each student, which included a map from CIC to the garage, an information letter about parking, a parking map, and a parking business card with instructions on purchasing a parking permit.

Anthony Williams, Matthey Knowles, Louis Frazier, Kathleen Lowery, Gerardo Fernandez, Jean Desir, James Huggins, Sean Kinsella, Jessica Prescott, Gerald Dixon, Manuel Acevedo, Sean Shugrue, and Elvin Fahie, Groundskeepers, reporting to Parum Maraj, Assistant Manager, Grounds, Physical Plant, were recognized for their great work at the USF College of Nursing. Dianne Morrison-Beedy, Senior Associate Vice President, USF Health Dean, College of Nursing, wrote: "I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much everyone at the College of Nursing appreciates all the hard work and effort that goes into our grounds keeping. I want to express my sincere thanks to everyone especially those that weed and trim our beds – you all help to make USF CON a beautiful place! Our confederate jasmine smells divine at this time of year and having it look so lovely is another way we let visitors, students, faculty and staff know that USF is a wonderful place to work and study."

Darrell McNabb, Ethel Palmore, Joyce Batchelor, Horace Mullen, Florencio Molino, and Cierra Chaney, Custodial Team, Physical Plant, were recently recognized for their work in Cooper Hall. Brittany Castellano wrote: "I would like to take a minute and say that the team who does Cooper Hall (CPR) at NIGHT is doing a FANTASTIC job. And, I mean every one of them! I'm a graduate student & teaching assistant over on the 3rd floor in CPR and every time I see an employee of your staff they ALWAYS ask me if I need anything. They are very helpful, friendly and I must say they keep CPR looking GREAT. We need more people like these who are dedicated to keeping one of the BUSIEST buildings clean!"

March 2014

Ronnie Jefferson, Custodial Worker, Physical Plant, and his crew, Joanem Mericile, Charlene Womack, Dulce Valdes, Walter Scott, Willie Clark, and Jason Schuler, were recognized for their outstanding customer service by Teresa Higdon, Library Operations Supervisor, USF Tampa Library. She wrote: "I work at the USF Tampa Library and I wanted you to know what a fabulous job your evening custodial staff is doing. Tonight, one our patrons spilled their Starbucks coffee all over our circulation desk. The coffee went into our carpet and all over our computers. Ronnie Jefferson (a.k.a. Mr. Ronnie) and his crew were immediately cleaning up the spill. Through this quick response, we were able to save our computer from being damage due to the spill. I appreciate everything your staff does for us."

Sgt. Frank Wassenberg, Police Officer, University Police, was recently recognized for his outstanding customer service by Joseph McAuliffe, Coordinator, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at USF. He wrote: "I am writing to inform you of the extraordinary service provided me by Sgt. Frank Wassenberg. Last year, my bike was stolen on campus near the NEC Building where I work. I reported the theft to Campus Police and Sgt. Wassenberg came to my office and took the information about my bike. Because of his processing the theft, Tampa Police, found my bike at a local pawn shop four days later. Sgt. Wassenberg then took the extra steps of helping me fill out the appropriate forms so that I could recover my bike at no charge to the pawn shop. Throughout the process, Sgt. Wassenberg was courteous, compassionate, informative and very professional. Our campus is well served by his presence and I, for one, am very grateful."

Linda Goolsby and Minnie Munroe, Custodial Workers, Physical Plant, have been recognized for their outstanding customer service by Jennifer Olson, RCO Administration, USF Health. She wrote: "I just wanted to let you know that both Linda and Minnie have done a great job for us here on the 3rd floor, and we really appreciate all their hard work! Last week, as you may recall, we had an urgent situation in our women's restroom and Linda came very promptly to clean up that mess. Minnie has been wonderful to us, always makes sure we have enough supplies for our high traffic areas. They are two special ladies!"

Linda Goolsby, Custodial Worker, Physical Plant, was also recognized by Barbara Randazzo, Sr. Administrative Assistant, USF Physicians Group. She stated: "I wanted to let you know what a good job Linda is doing on the third floor of the FOB. She keeps the bathroom nice and clean. She also maintains the break room and our offices very well. Linda is a very pleasant person and speaks when she passes you; although she never interrupts your work. I do hope that she can stay in this building. It is nice to have someone like her working here."

Willie Jones, Custodial Worker, Physical Plant, has been recognized by Josh Broer, Facility Manager, College of Arts & Sciences, for his quick response and great customer service in cleaning up a large mess in a computer lab prior to students coming back after Spring Break. Josh wrote: "Your crew did an outstanding job of removing all of the trash and then vacuuming and sweeping up the entire room. Thank you VERY much for that quick turnaround."

February 2014

Marion "BeBe" Smith, Heavy Equipment Operator, Physical Plant, has been recognized for his quality of service. In writing to thank Grounds for the expeditious manner in which their recycle bin was emptied, Sue Carter, Administrative Specialist, Financial Education @ USF Program wrote: "I also wanted to take a moment to comment on the friendly, polite attentive service I received from the gentleman driving the recycling vehicle. He is so pleasant and every time I see him he never fails to put a smile on my face. He is an excellent ambassador for your department as are so many of your employees."

Raymond Curbelo, Assistant Manager, Vehicle Maintenance, Physical Plant, and his team have once again been recognized for their outstanding customer service. Tom Clawson, Maintenance Superintendent, Housing & Residential Education, wrote: "Ray, I would like to commend your vehicle maintenance shop for quality, reliable and on time maintenance of Housing's vehicles and golf carts. Ray Curbelo and his entire staff are very professional, accommodating and a pleasure to work with."

Pooran Partap, Maintenance Technician, Physical Plant, has again been recognized for his great customer service. Elaine Daby, Receiving Manager, Purchasing & Property, Business & Finance, wrote: "Thanks to Pooran for fixing our door knob. Whoever put the new door in last year did not put the lock and knob in correctly. Pooran fixed it just like new. We will not have to worry about the door knob falling off again. Thanks for doing a good job. He is a valued employee."

Harry Ward and Jerry Harrison, Custodial Workers, Physical Plant, have been recognized for their excellent work. Beth Jennette, Staff Assistant, University Police, wrote: "I just want to pass along these thanks for the pressure washing job on the sidewalks in our area. Each time I wanted to walk out and thank the crew for making it look so nice, they were busy in another spot. Too many times we only hear complaints, so I wanted to make sure to pass along a word of praise."

Tony Williams, Sr. Groundskeeper, Physical Plant, has been recognized for his customer service excellence. In writing to express the thanks of everyone at the MHC building for all of the hard work that grounds continues to put in to ensure that the area looks it best, Stefan Phekoo, Facility Manager, wrote: "In particular, Tony Williams continues to go above and beyond to ensure that things get done. It's been over a week since our patios had been leaf blown and they were looking pretty bad. Tony noticed this and took it upon himself to blow these patios off, even though they are not his responsibility. I want to make sure that this willingness to go above and beyond does not go un-noticed. Please convey our thanks and gratitude to him."

Willie Jones, Mover, and Robert Bowman, Custodial Worker, Physical Plant, were recently recognized for their great service. Dr. Dick Puglisi, Professor, College of Education, wrote: "Thank you very much for the fine service. The person who usually delivers and picks up the tables/chairs is a real gentleman. I believe his name is Willie. He is a great asset to USF and to your department. Occasionally, he will have a "partner" with him. I don't know his name but he is also terrific. We enjoy them very much."

Linda Goolsby, Custodial Worker, Physical Plant, was recently recognized for her outstanding customer service at the USF Health Faculty Office Building. Laurie Ganter, Medical Education Program Specialist, Division of Gastroenterology, USF Health, wrote: "In my eighteen years of working for the university, I have never once seen anyone bother to clean as thoroughly as Linda. I have spotted her cleaning the tops of pictures, door handles, the elevator doors and most importantly the buttons. I have also seen her in the stairwells cleaning, and a list of other things besides just taking out the garbage and cleaning the bathrooms. She is amazing. Please, please don't ever assign her to another building."

Pooran Partap, Maintenance Technician, Physical Plant, has been recognized for his outstanding customer service at the C. W. Bill Young Hall (CWY). John Sarao, Building Manager and Acting Executive Director of the Joint Military Leadership Center wrote, "I and my office assistant, Lori Matthews, greatly appreciate Pooran's reliable customer service attitude and value his expertise. He not only ensures many building repair issues are resolved promptly, but keeps us informed of the status of repairs while looking for ways to make them economically sound to save our budget and the university's overall repair costs. From our view, Pooran routinely goes above and beyond in completing his daily tasks to ensure customers like us are taken care of. With his great customer service, we consider him part of our team in maintaining the CWY building as the premier ROTC Center of Excellence in the country."

January 2014

Christopher Pille, Assistant Manager, Facilities Enhancement, Physical Plant, has been recognized for his professionalism in responding to a recent office incident. Daniel Kanouff, Assistant Director, College of Arts and Sciences, wrote "I know many people at USF often are not told thank you for the work they do. I want to say thank you for being so professional yesterday. As you can imagine, I was very stressed because of the water in my office, but you were very professional, helpful, and showed you took pride in your work. These are qualities that we don't see all of the time. Again, I just wanted to say thank you for trying to make a stressful situation right."

April Amorose, Postal Service Representative, USF Post Office, Physical Plant, has received kudos for her outstanding customer service. Quentin Miller, Senior Payroll/Attendance & Leave Specialist, Student Affairs Human Resources, wrote: "I went to the post office today and received remarkable customer service! The lady who served me was named "April" and she was very helpful. I needed to send a couple of different items, one of which was prepaid. That item needed to be packaged so April provided me with some packing materials and very courteously allowed me to finish my paid transaction and return the box without waiting in line again. Afterwards, I called my wife to tell her what excellent service I had received and she asked me if her name was April. That speaks volumes about not only her service to me, but also to my wife and other USF constituents who frequent that establishment. April is an employee who should be recognized for exemplifying the type of service that all USF employees should strive to emulate."

Andy Nogueira and Michael Ballester, Facilities Project Managers, Facilities Enhancement, Physical Plant, have been recognized for their outstanding handling of MHC building renovations. Julie Serovich, Dean of the College of Behavioral and Community Sciences, wrote: "I appreciate all the time and effort spent making significant improvement to the look and feel of the MHC building. I would like to thank Andy Nogueira and Michael Ballester who managed the carpet replacement and asbestos abatement project. They worked diligently with the contractors and our staff preparing us for this very large undertaking. They spent countless hours listening to our concerns, answering lots of questions, arranging and rearranging schedules, keeping the contractors on task, finding solutions to last minute changes and issues, and trying their best to accommodate our requests. They put up with our last minute requests and were always professional and pleasant during the process. Andy and Michael are certainly employees who exemplify the USF mission and vision."

Steve Lafferty, Licensed Architect, Facilities Planning & Construction, was also recognized by Dean Julie Serovich for his work overseeing another large renovation project related to the USF Health Heart Institute and demolition of the MGX/MGY buildings. She wrote: "Steve was extremely professional, responsive, and understood the impact of the project on our faculty and staff. He was a problem solver, resourceful and always a pleasure to work with. A day never passed without an update from Steve. Patty Cleveland on my staff reported that he was by far the best project manager she has worked with at USF in the last 20+ years. Steve is an outstanding project manager and an exceptional person who exemplifies the USF vision and values and why we are so successful in our mission."

Officer Scott Parker, University Police, and police officers working in the USF Police Department office were recently recognized for the quality of their customer service by a member of the Tampa community. Stella Giudicelli, Sales Associate, Coldwell Banker Real Estate, wrote: "I went into the office to report a stolen computer. The level of service I experienced with your officers was top-notch! They were professional and were taking my matter seriously and dealt with it in a timely manner. Most importantly, Officer Parker immediately got in action to see what we could do to locate my computer and took time to explain procedures and what may happen. I left the office with a great experience of support and professionalism. When people are at the top of their game in customer service, the experience is exceptional and can't go unnoticed.

The Physical Plant Custodial Team consisting of Elton Hill, Derek Brown, Nell Johnson, Amber Cross, Edna Williams, Michael Young, John Shuey, Brittany McDowell, and Dontae Alexander have been recognized for their terrific work cleaning up a huge mess in a classroom in the College of Business. Barb Bushnell, Budget Director, College of Business, wrote: "I know the pictures don't do the mess left in BSN 1100 justice. But, the room is spotless after your amazing crew went in and cleaned up. Greatly appreciate all they did. We've filled a quarter of one of the large green recycle bins with flyers from"