Assistantships & Financial Aid

Graduate Assistantships

Many colleges and departments at USF employ students as graduate assistants on a competitive basis to teach (TA), conduct research (RA), or carry out other relevant tasks that contribute to the student's professional development (GA). The number of positions available is based on funding from the university and grants awarded to faculty. Contact the graduate program director in your department of interest for more information.

Graduate Fellowships

These are funds that are awarded by national, regional, or private foundations or agencies to individual graduate students. A number of these opportunities can be found through the Office of Graduate Studies Funding for Research page. Visit the Fellowships & Scholarships website on the right to find additional information.

Fulbright Scholarships

Awarding almost 1,600 grants annually in all fields, Fulbright alumni represent a wide range of fields: government, higher education, business and industry, journalism and the arts. Candidates must show a capacity for independent study/research and general knowledge of the history, culture, and current events of the countries to which they are applying. USF’s Office of National Scholarships facilitates student applications for Fulbright grants.

USF Scholarships & Financial Aid Services

University Scholarships & Financial Aid Services (USFAS) is the hub of information for scholarships, fellowships, grants, and loans. USFAS determines eligibility for various types of aid and monitors requirements to retain it. Domestic students who need federal student loans must meet the requirements for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), which is different than maintaining good academic standing.

USF Office of National Scholarships

The ONS provides guidance and support for USF’s creative, motivated and academically strong students as they compete for national merit scholarships across all disciplines. They identify, recruit, and mentor students who apply for prestigious scholarships and work with faculty members to recruit candidates, write strong letters of recommendation, review applications and essays, and provide mock interviews for applicants.

Career Services

Career Services helps you assess your skills and interests, improve your career research, identify experiences leading to transferable skills, and search for internships and full- or part-time employment. Their services are designed to help with career planning, strategic job searching, and interview skills. These processes differ for each student, so you should become familiar with their web materials and visit the center in SVC, Room 2088.

USF Employment (CAREERS)

Part-time employment on campus is often a convenient way to help finance one’s education and gain valuable work experience. USF’s Division of Human Resources manages the Careers@USF system that publicizes job openings and manages online applications for USF positions. Students should also speak with their department chair or graduate program director for information about part-time job opportunities in the department or college.