Why Choose USF?

Internships & Practicums

Internships and practicums are temporary placements in a professional setting for the purpose of providing students work experience, networking, and opportunities to put into practice what they have learned in their graduate program.  Companies and agencies gain the services of enthusiastic potential employees who often bring new theories and perspectives to the company.  In the University setting internships are typically offered for degree credit or to meet a graduation requirement, and they may be paid or unpaid.  In some cases practicums are required for certification or licensure in a career fields.

Students gain experience by "shadowing" professionals, working on special projects, conducting research, or performing services.  Internships are also a good opportunity to try out a new career field or geographic location.

In some cases international students may extend their visa beyond graduation by being accepted to participate in Optional Practical Training in certain career fields.

Contact the graduate program director in your department for information on internship/practicum opportunities.