Admitted Student Checklist

NetID & Personal Information

We want to stay in touch! If you haven't already done so, visit and activate your USF NetID and USF email address. Your USF email address will be used by all University offices for official communication.

Activate your USF NetID:

  1. In Internet Explorer (or other web browser), go to
  2. Click on 'Activate Your USF NetID'
  3. Enter your First Name
  4. Enter your Last Name
  5. Enter your USF ID# in the box provided. (Your USF ID# looks similar to U12345678). If you do not know your USF ID# (also referred to as a U#), click the link 'Lookup your USF ID Number':
    • Enter your Birthdate (mm/dd/yyyy)
    • Enter your four-digit activation code*
    • Enter the value displayed in the Captcha box.
    • Click 'Submit'
    • Your USF ID# will be displayed. Please write down your USF ID# so you can enter it once you return to the previous page.
    • Click on 'Close USF ID Number Lookup' in the upper left corner of dialogue window.
    • Enter your USF ID#
  6. Enter your Birthday (month and day)
  7. Enter your four-digit activation code*
  8. Click on 'Activate NetID'
  9. Read the USF Computer and Network Access Agreement; click on 'I agree'
  10. Select a Net ID from the drop down menu. The NetID you select will be used as the prefix for your email address, so please choose carefully. (For example: NetID= rockybull Email=
  11. Click on 'Select this Net ID for Activation'
  12. From the drop down menu, select a 'Secret Question' and type your answer in the field provided. The secret question/answer is used to verify your identity if you ever forget your password.
  13. Click on 'Submit your answer to your chosen secret question'
  14. Read and complete the USF Emergency Notification System process by opting in/out of receiving emergency notifications.
  15. Click on 'Submit'
  16. Set your password and retype it to verify. This password will be synchronized with your Active Directory/Domain (FOREST) password upon creation of your AD account, if applicable, based on your affiliation with USF.
  17. Click on 'Submit your new USF NetID password'
  18. You will then be presented with an Accounts Summary page that you may want to print for future reference.
  19. Click on 'Return to Main Menu' to manage other items using your NetID.
  20. Once you have completed all activities, please click on 'Logoff' to end your session.
  21. Close your browser.

* If you did not receive or cannot locate your four-digit activation code, please contact the Office of International Admissions for assistance.