Admitted Student Checklist

Connect with Classmates

Welcome to USF!

Do you want to be familiar with USF traditions, involvement opportunities, and the campus before classes start? Do you want to meet new friends and make lasting connections? Do you want to learn about resources to help you succeed? If you answered 'yes' to any of those questions, then get ready... for USF Week of Welcome! Week of Welcome starts the first day of move in, in the fall semester, and continues through the first week of classes. Get ready for an experience like you have never had before! Live the tradition, join the stampede!

Join the Network!

The Network is designed to help new students make connections to the campus community and to help students successfully transition to the University of South Florida (USF). New students register for a "network" that meets regularly throughout the first part of the semester and is led by an upper-class student called a "Network Leader." Each group is themed around an interest, passion, or hobby. This program provides a flexible opportunity for students to develop meaningful connections to their peers and successfully transition to college and the Bull lifestyle.

Meet Friends Online!

If you haven't done so already, follow USF International Admissions on Facebook to get the scoop on the latest information. Connect with your fellow classmates in the Official USF Class of 2020 Facebook Group and start interacting with your future friends and classmates.