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Current Student Questions

Now that you're here and have many resources available to you, you may still not be clear about where to turn for answers. These answers are designed to facilitate your transition to the USF community in a smooth way. Good luck and come visit us in the Office of International Admissions!

Q: Can I change my major?

A: To change your major you will need to go to your current college advising office to determine what their procedures for changing your major are, and then tell them you would like to change your major and ask them to send your paperwork to the new program of your choice.

Q: What do I need to do if I want to travel outside the U.S.?

A: If you intend to travel outside of the United States, please make sure to do the following:

Q: How do I renew my Admissions Scholarship?

A: Your scholarship will automatically renew for the length of your award as long as you meet the renewal criteria. Freshman scholarships offered by the Office of Admissions are renewable for up to eight consecutive semesters (four years) of undergraduate coursework or until you receive a bachelor's degree (whichever occurs first).

All scholarships require that you meet the following renewal criteria:

Q: Can I receive or upgrade an Admissions Scholarship after I have begun my studies at USF?

A: Unfortunately our scholarships are only available to students at the time of admission. There are many other different types of scholarships available. Please see the Financial Aid website to search for other scholarships for which you may be eligible to apply.

Q: How can I obtain proof of enrollment?

A: The National Student Clearinghouse is USF's authorized agent for providing proof of enrollment.

Current students may request proof of enrollment at USF or a Good Student Discount certificate for their insurance company by logging into myUSF with their NetID and password and selecting Proof of Enrollment under the column marked Academics.

Please note that proof of enrollment is not available for the current term until the second week of classes.

The following, per student type, illustrates the hours of enrollment necessary to prove Full, Half and Less than Haf time status:

Students with a unique need for enrollment verification to a third party; e.g. any lender or loan servicer form requiring direct completion by USF personnel must submit the form with a Proof of Enrollment Coversheet to their USF home campus Registration & Records office or the University Registrar's Office on Tampa campus. Any unique requests will require at least 3 to 5 business days to process.

Alumni who need proof of USF enrollment or verification of a USF degree earned must request an official USF transcript by logging into OASIS.

Q: How can I find a job on campus?

A: There are many places on campus that offer employment opportunities. Some places to look for employment are:

NOTE: For a job to be considered to be "on campus" you must receive a USF generated paycheck or the on-campus location must offer essential services to students, such as the SunDome or the USF Barnes & Noble.