South & Central Asia

Student Testimonials

Arian Razai

"During my 4 marvelous years at USF I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance. I'm a Magna Cum Laude honoree, who also graduated from the Honors College as an Undergraduate Scholar. I look bright into my future with offers from major financial institutions and Big 4."
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Arian Razai - Kazakhstan
Bachelor of Science in Finance

Pujan Das

"After graduation, I plan to get a job in the U.S. as a part of my OPT. Later I will apply to MBA program at USF to strengthen my educational experience. My time at USF was great and I would advise international students to come here."

Pujan Das - Bangladesh
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Sarvesh Rane

"Since USF is a Tier-1 research university, it's a great place for students who are interested in gaining research opportunities. USF receives a lot of funding through grants, especially in biomedical sciences and engineering. In addition, you get to learn from faculty who have been working across the world and have rich experience to share"

Sarvesh Rane - India
Master of Sciences in Electrical Engineering

Rachit Sujal Shah

"My overall experience at USF was amazing! I will recommend all my friends to choose this university because of its unique culture, the style of teaching and the opportunities that open up along the way. I'm excited to start my professional journey with a Master's degree from USF."

Rachit Sujal Shah - India
Master of Sciences in Electrical Engineering

Sayed Abdullah Sadat

"After exploring different opportunities at USF, I decided to conduct a research and work on a thesis. All of this has motivated me to apply to PhD programs. I have already received some offers, so I just need to decide where I want to go!"

Sayed Abdullah Sadat - Afghanistan
Master of Sciences in Electrical Engineering

Phani Mukkavilli

"I love Florida, especially Tampa Bay! My favorite spot is the beach, where I take my family to swim, sunbathe and play volleyball. I also love to spend time in Downtown. My advice for anyone who plans to come to USF: explore all parts of Florida! You'll discover lots of charming places here."

Phani Mukkavilli - India
Master of Business Administration

Shahryar Tashreef

"USF Career Services helped me to polish my resume. When I attended the last career fair at USF, many employers noted that my resume was perfectly written, which will hopefully help me land a job offer soon."

Shahryar Tashreef - Bangladesh
Master of Sciences in Electrical Engineering

Jordyn Listro

"USF is a great environment to grow. The professors were willing to help me learn hands on and be successful. One of the professors I worked with inspired me so much that now I am pursuing my PhD with his help."

Sadhu Moka - India
Master of Sciences in Electrical Engineering