The Americas

Student Testimonials

Juan Acuna

"The friends that I made in my freshman year became some of my best friends."

Juan Acuna - Mexico
Bachelor of Science in Finance

Juan Olavarri

"Take advantage of what is here – USF has so many resources and things for students. Getting a degree from a university in the US is great, you have the ability to learn about other cultures as well as the American culture."

Juan Olavarri - Mexico
Bachelor of Science in Finance

Erika Troconis

"In USF, the classes are smaller, so the relationships with the professors are better. It’s easier to communicate with them and interact with them at a more personal level. This has definitely helped me in my learning journey."

Erika Troconis - Venezuela
Masters of Science in Marketing

Cesar Mendoza

"There are a lot of opportunities to get involved on campus. I am a member of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers where I have received a lot of help when it comes to building my resume, looking for jobs and attending conferences. I am also a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineerings where I get to build things such as electric cars."

Cesar Mendoza - Venezuela
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Jorge Guerra Rodriguez

"A scholarship, no matter the amount, is very helpful. The scholarship relieved my family of having to make additional sacrifices for me to study at the University of South Florida. It means a lot that INTO helped make my dream come true."

Jorge Guerra Rodriguez - Venezuela
Masters of Science in Civil Engineering

Nadia Joffre

"Here at USF, we have an entire culture inside the university. You have friends from all around the world and professors with different valuable experience. I gained deep knowledge at USF and now it's my time to apply it in practice during my internship at Apple!"

Nadia Joffre - Bolivia
Bachelor of Science in Finance


"At USF, you should join as many university organizations as possible as well as participate in various competitions and volunteering opportunities. Right now, I am a part of three different organizations and have been recently recognized in a 25 Under 25 USF Muma College of Business Award. It has helped me expand my professional network and gain valuable skills for my future career."
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Marcello DeOliveira Fonseca - Brazil
Finance, minor in Economics


"My experience at USF, especially with the College of Engineering, was great. It's been my second home. All the faculty and staff have been very helpful, and always did their best for students to feel welcome"

Sara Benhamron Viedma - Venezuela
Bachelor of Sciences in Computer Science


"I found out about USF at a college fair in Jamaica. The USF recruiter was very attentive to me, and we were in contact even after the fair. He made sure I had sent my application on time and submitted my documents to get a visa. His personal attention made me feel welcomed and I chose USF."

Nicholene Bryan - Jamaica
Bachelor of Arts in Economics


"One of the brightest memories I will always have about USF is my time at the USF SHPE (The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers). At the USF SHPE, I found a second family and place where I could develop myself as a Hispanic woman and an engineer."

Marian Salomon Gonzalez - Venezuela
Master of Sciences in Industrial Engineering


"I always wanted to come to USF, because of how diverse the student population is. When I walked on campus for the first time, it reminded me of home, since my country is also very diverse!"

Rachel Haniff - Suriname
Master of Arts in Education


"Living and studying at USF was a rich experience for me. My time here was not only about Business and Marketing, but also about developing myself and growing alongside the wonderful people I met here."

Irene Salamo Saetta - Aruba
Bachelor of Sciences in Marketing


"Getting to do malaria research with the Department of Global Health was one of the biggest highlights of my education at USF. Malaria affects millions of people, and conducting research on this disease was an eye-opening experience for me, which inspired me decide to make a career in medical research."

Raaven Goffe - Bahamas
Master of Public Health


"Being here at USF has helped me to network. Being in the honors college,I had many opportunities to meet wonderful people and build important relationships, which will help further my career."

Paula Chiamulera Bohler - Brazil
Bachelor of Arts in Economics


"My four years at USF have been incredible. Being at this University have given me the opportunity to learn about new places and many different cultures that I might not have had the opportunity to know about."

Jordyn Listro - Canada
Bachelor of Sciences in Health Sciences


"Coming from Grenada, I had a rough start fitting in to school. But because of the strong international community at USF, I was able to adjust, and it made my experience here amazing."

Ryan Gittens - Grenada
Master of Sciences in Electrical Engineering


"I played on the soccer team all four years and it brought me into a family environment at USF; especially being so far from home. There was so much support for me academically and athletically. USF is a great institution."

Leticia Skeete - Canada
Bachelor of Arts in Health Sciences


"USF has such a great international community. I was easy for me to connect with people from the same country as me and to meet new people. There is a lot of diversity here and it makes the experience great."

Fidel Chung Bracho - Venezuela
Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications


"For me, USF was so much more than a school, it was a family. Everyone here was so kind and wanted to help. They all want to make sure that the students succeed and have bright futures."

Estefania Fuentes Del Razo - Mexico
Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications


"USF does a great job of making sure that the students are engaged with the university and its events. The best way to get involved is by living on campus. It provides an outlet to distress by engaging in different events at school and away from school."

Lemuel Scott - Trinidad and Tobago
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology