Application Requirements

Lower-Level Requirements

To be considered for admission, all transfer applicants are required to have successfully completed a minimum of 67 percent of all credit hours attempted at currently and previously enrolled institutions. In addition, you must meet the Florida Board of Governors minimums. A 2.50 transfer or postsecondary transferrable GPA (3.2 for nursing) is required.

Application Requirements

You will need to submit the following to be considered for admission:

*Electronic transcripts transmitted to USF from the Florida College System do not include courses from other colleges/universities.

Additional Requirements

Applicants with less than 24 transferrable credits must submit a personal statement indicating the reasons why they wish to transfer to USF. Please explain why USF should make an exception to the 24-credit minimum required for admission and further explain why the applicant seeks an early transfer.

Additionally, applicants with 24-59 transferrable credits from the Florida College System are encouraged to transfer USF credits earned back to the Florida College System to receive an AA degree.