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The College of Arts and Sciences is the intellectual heart of the University of South Florida. We are a community of teachers and scholars united in the belief that broadly educated people are the basis of a just, free and prosperous society. By focusing on the big questions facing all of humanity, we prepare students for successful personal and professional lives. By conducting innovative, interdisciplinary research and scholarship, we advance knowledge in ways that prepare us to address vexing social problems and enhance quality of life for people and communities.

Internship Program

CAS is looking for its next communications and marketing interns!

The USF College of Arts and Sciences Communications and Marketing Office is looking for creative communicators who are passionate about USF and the College of Arts and Sciences, and who want to make a lasting contribution to the college through establishing effective communications and marketing initiatives. If you thrive in a fast-pace environment, love learning new things and are ready to apply your classroom knowledge to the real world, then we encourage you to apply.

We accept internship applications throughout the year; however, if you wait too far into the semester there may not be any spots left. To apply, simply fill out the application form, provide a cover letter and résumé, and submit at least three writing and/or design samples. Send all materials to:

Michele Dye
Communications and Marketing Director
USF College of Arts and Sciences
4202 E. Fowler Ave., CPR 107
Tampa, FL 33620

Job Description

Job Responsibilities: Assist the CAS Communications and Marketing Director with public relations and marketing efforts by writing press releases and feature stories, blogging, creating video messages, tweeting, studying Facebook trends, writing content for the website, archiving photos, editing and having fun while working on these projects. The intern(s) will be responsible for updating the CAS news website using Dreamweaver and Internet administration tools. In addition, the intern(s) will be responsible for recruiting additional photographers, bloggers and news writers.


Desired skills: Advanced proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver, and QuarkXPress; Knowledge of HTML; Photography and videography skills a plus.

What's in it for you: This job will give you hands-on experience in the areas of communications and marketing. You will be able to add a variety of clips to your portfolio such as press releases, feature stories, photographs, video projects and publications. The assignments you will be working on will allow you to develop relationships with CAS administration, faculty, staff and alumni, providing ample networking opportunities. You will learn more than you ever wanted to know about the printing process, color models and paper. You will further enhance your teamwork skills as well as your interpersonal skills. Best of all, you will be mentored by a communications and marketing professional who has more than 10 years of experience, and who won't make you fetch coffee.

Hours: 15-20 per week

Credit: Yes, subject to department approval

Pay: No, but you can enjoy free cake at the office birthday parties (Who doesn't love cake?)

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Submit News

The College of Arts and Sciences Communications and Marketing Office manages the news content on the website. The goal is to streamline this process and help disseminate the news to the appropriate outlets thereby ensuring better communication about the exciting and wonderful things happening in our college. When putting together this strategy, CAS communications and marketing took into consideration the hectic schedules of faculty and staff and wanted to create a very simple way to make a request to post news items to the website or submit a story idea. This process provides a way for submitted news to appear on department home pages as well as our news archives.

CAS communications and marketing created a simplified form where you can provide the information you want posted or share a story idea. After reviewing your submitted form, the CAS communications and marketing director will decide the best location to share the news. If you are submitting a story idea, one of our writers may pursue the story. For example, your news item could appear in one or more of the following outlets:

Please give us at least four weeks notice if you want us to publicize an event. This will give us time to write the press release and have enough time to pitch the story to the local media. All other news items will take about two weeks to post online, though it may be less depending on the amount of news submissions the office has received at the time. CAS faculty and staff can fill out the form below.


Michele Dye, Communications and Marketing Director

Michele Dye is the communications and marketing director for the USF College of Arts and Sciences. Dye came to USF in May 2010 with 10 years of communications and marketing experience. Prior to her role at USF, Dye spent six years as the director of communications for the University of Florida College of Health and Human Performance. During her tenure, Dye launched many initiatives to market the college as well as communicate more effectively with students, alumni and the media. In addition, she founded the HHP Ambassadors program, a select group of students who represented the college at numerous alumni and student events. She also founded the HHP Mentor-Mentee Program, which strategically matched a freshman with an upperclassman or graduate student. Dye also taught SLS 1102 Enhanced Freshman Experience at UF for two years.

From 2000-2004, Dye worked in the media relations office for the UF athletics department, working closely with nationally-ranked teams. She won several national awards for her work on media guides. Dye, a native of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., also has a professional background in photography and has worked with professional and college sports teams. Dye received a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from UF.

Office: CPR 107
Email: mdye@usf.edu
Phone: 813.974.6469

Rion Sabean, Web Content Administrator

Email: rsabean@usf.edu