The Office of Communication, Community and Global Engagement

The communication, community, and global engagement office encourages you to get involved in the College of Arts and Sciences by connecting with us on social media and telling us about your accomplishments.

If you have questions about branding, marketing, public relations, social media or website development, please contact one of our team members.

Internship Program

CAS is looking for its next communications and marketing interns!

The USF College of Arts and Sciences Communication, Community, and Global Engagement Office is looking for creative communicators who are passionate about USF and the College of Arts and Sciences, and who want to make a lasting contribution to the college through establishing effective communications and marketing initiatives. If you thrive in a fast-pace environment, love learning new things and are ready to apply your classroom knowledge to the real world, then we encourage you to apply.

We accept internship applications throughout the year; however, if you wait too far into the semester there may not be any spots left. To apply, simply fill out the application form, provide a cover letter and résumé, and submit at least three writing
and/or design samples. Send all materials to:

Liz Kicak
USF College of Arts and Sciences
4202 E. Fowler Ave., CPR 107
Tampa, FL 33620

Job Description

Job Responsibilities: Assist the communication, community, and global engagement office with public relations and marketing efforts by writing press releases and feature stories, blogging, creating video messages, tweeting, studying Facebook trends, writing content for the website, archiving photos, editing and having fun while working on these projects..


Desired skills: Advanced proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver, and QuarkXPress; Knowledge of HTML; Photography and videography skills a plus.

What's in it for you: This job will give you hands-on experience in the areas of communications and marketing. You will be able to add a variety of clips to your portfolio such as press releases, feature stories, photographs, video projects and publications. The assignments you will be working on will allow you to develop relationships with CAS administration, faculty, staff and alumni, providing ample networking opportunities. You will learn more than you ever wanted to know about the printing process, color models and paper. You will further enhance your teamwork skills as well as your interpersonal skills. Best of all, you will be mentored by a communications and marketing professional who has nearly 20 years of experience, and who won't make you fetch coffee.

Hours: 10-20 per week
Credit: Yes, subject to department approval
Pay: No, but you can enjoy free cake at the office birthday parties (Who doesn't love cake?)
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Submit News

Let us share your success with the community! Whether you wrote a book or were awarded a grant, we want to hear about it. We also want to feature any exciting projects or lessons you do with your students. Email CAS Marketing.

Are you an expert in something that relates to current news and events? Get your hard work recognized and build your reputation as a leader in your field by serving as a trusted source for the media. Contact CAS-Marketing to be added to USF's expert database and to discuss other opportunities.


Elizabeth Aranda, Associate Dean

Office: CPR 107
Email: earanda@usf.edu
Phone: 813.974.2893

Christina Goldstein, Director of Meetings and Special Events

Office: CPR 107
Email: cvgoldstein@usf.edu
Phone: 813.974.5712

Lanie Funaro, Events Coordinator

Office: CPR 107
Email: lfunaro@usf.edu
Phone: 813.974.6602

Michael Abrahams, Director of Communication & Technology

Office: CPR 107
Email: mabraham@usf.edu
Phone: 813.974.6469

Michelle Holden, Marketing Officer

Office: CPR 107

Alessandra Casanova, Graphic Designer

Office: CPR 107

Jane Macioci, Social Media Graduate Assistant

Email: janemacioci@usf.edu