Core Facilities & CAS Institutes

Core Facilities

CAS research often relies on the use of shared instrumentation for routine and advanced analyses. CAS Core Facilities are designed to help researchers improve the health and wellbeing of people, create healthy and sustainable communities, and explore ways to advance healthy communities through novel and innovative research. 

Electron Microscope Core Facility

The Electron Microscope Core Facility provides microscope services to universities, industry, and commercial labs to include Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopy, Transmitted and Fluorescent Light Microscopy, Specimen Preparation, and Instrument Training in TEM, SEM, Light Microscopy, and Consulting.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Core Facility

The USF NMR Core Facility houses a range of nuclear magnetic resonance instrumentation, including one of Florida's highest field strength NMRs (800 MHz), Expertise and facilities are available for academic, government, and commercial structural studies, metabolomics, and materials research. specializes in measuring the magnetic properties of atomic nuclei, which make up the molecules that can become the drugs of the future. 

Cell Biology, Microbiology, and Molecular Biology Core Facility (CMMB)
The CMMB Core offers a wide range of resources to include products, education, services and support that assist scientists, industry, and students in solving research problems.

Chemodiversity/Mass Spectrometry Core Facility (Lab Manager, Laurent Calcul)

 Center for Geochemical Analysis (CGA)

The CGA Core Facility specializes in low-level trace element analysis. The core employs inductively coupled plasma (ICP) spectrometers with coupled laser and HPLC to provide analyses on water, soils, chemicals, biologic material, and rock to the greater USF community, national and global research institutions as well as to federal and local government agencies.  Core specializes in the determination of trace metals in a variety of materials including water samples, environmental samples (e.g., soil, sludge) and most rock types. The lab provides analysis to the public, research institutions, government agencies and universities.

Stable Isotope Lab

The Stable Isotope Lab offers analyses of both organic and inorganic samples (including C, H, O, N and S elements) to researchers from geology, anthropology, biology, geography and more.

Solid State Structure Core

Omics Core (Lab Manager, Dale Chaput)