Human Resources

Attendance and Leave

The University of South Florida offers multiple leave benefits to employees appointed to a benefit accruing position such as: Staff, Administrative and Faculty. The attendance and leave coordinator for the college of Arts and Science acts as the liaison between employees and Central HR, and should be the first person to contact regarding any leave issues.

Attendance & Leave Coordinator
Andrea Tamayo

Types of Leave:

Sick Leave:
Sick leave is a benefit in which allows employees to take time off with pay for personal and family medical reasons. Staff, Administrative and faculty employees accrue sick leave at a rate 4 hours biweekly. Full-time Executive Service Employees accrue sick leave at a rate of 5 hours bi-weekly. The sick leave is prorated when the employee is appointed for less than 1.0 FTE, or is appointed to 1.0 FTE but is paid less than 80 for a full pay period.
Annual Leave:
Annual leave is accrued by all employees, except temporary employees and 9-monthy faculty members, and permits time off from work with pay subject to approval by the employee’s supervisor. Annual leave is accrued according to an employees pay plan. The annual leave is prorated when the employee is appointed for less than 1.0 FTE, or is appointed to 1.0 FTE but is paid less than 80 for a full pay period.

Administrative Leave:
Administrative leave is for specific events, Administration, Executive Service, Faculty, and Staff employees may be granted administrative leave to cover absences from work. With absences for these specific purposes, an employee is not required to use any type of accrued or earned leave to cover his/her absence, unless (s)he is already on an approved leave of absence with or without pay when the event occurs. Temporary employees are not entitled to administrative leave.

Events eligible for Administrative Leave:

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA):
FMLA is a Federal law requiring employers, to provide up to 12 weeks or 480 hours of job-protected leave for certain family and medical reasons to individuals who have been employed at least 12 months by the university and who have worked at USF for at least 1,250 hours during the 12 months preceding the first day of leave. Please keep in mind the length of time which is approved by the FMLA Benefits Team is based on the Medical Certification provided by the healthcare provider.

Under the Family and Medical Leave act leave is generally unpaid. However, accrued leave such as annual, sick or other compensatory leave, must be used concurrently with the FMLA designated leave to provide continuation of pay and benefits.

Requesting FMLA Steps:

 FMLA Steps

Step 1: Contact the Unit HR Coordinator, Andrea Tamayo via email to request the FMLA packet.

Step 2: Complete and Return the Request for FMLA Leave along with the Medical Certification Form directly to the FMLA Benefits Team via email: fmlabenefits@usf.ed or Fax: 813-974-5227

Step 3: Once the FMLA Benefits team reaches a decision, an email will be sent to the employee, their supervisor and HR Coordinator.

Step 4: Before going out on FMLA, please coordinator with the Unit HR Coordinator to ensure the appropriate Sick/Annual and FMLA hours are being requested accordingly via GEMS Leave Management.  

Step 5: The FMLA Return to work Certification must be submitted to the FMLA Benefits team and Andrea Tamayo before returning to work.

Workers’ Compensation:
USF Workers’ Compensation program is intended to provide medical treatment, disability leave and supplemental wages, as necessary, to eligible employees in the event they experience a work-related injury. Eligible employees include Faculty, Administration, Staff, Federal Work Study student employees and OPS employees. 

All work related injuries no matter how minor the injury appears must be reported to the supervisor immediately.

Step 1: Ensure the employee receives the necessary medical attention. In case of an emergency, Call 911 or send the employee to a hospital emergency room.

Step 2: Immediately report the incident to Amerisys at 1-800-455-2079 and complete Accident Investigation Reports for Supervisor.

Step 3: Within 24 hours of the injury occurring, send a copy of all documents related to the claim to Meica Elridge, Workers’ Compensation Administrator to and Andrea Tamayo,

Step 4: An AmeriSys nurse case manager will be assigned to the claim and keep supervisor abreast of the results of medical visit, treatment plans and restrictions.

Step 5: The injured employee will be credited 40 workers’ compensation hours in GEMs Leave Management. These hours must be used for any time off taken related to their active claim.