Procedures and Templates

USF Summer Program Clearances

Summer Programs conducted by a college, department, or unit of the USF System involving minors or disabled adults must obtain required screening for background checks through the USF Division of Human Resources.

3rd Party Summer Program Clearances

Third-party entities using USF System owned or controlled resources to conduct summer programs involving minors or disabled adults must ensure all Summer Program personnel are screened for appropriate background checks through the Florida Agency for Health Care.

SRE Approvals and Reporting

Under the Florida Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees (FCOE) and USF System Policy 0-027, Sponsored Research Exemptions (SREs) can be approved for otherwise prohibited relationships of USF System employees with business entities doing business with USF. Such SREs must be annually reported to the State of Florida Governor and the Legislature. The SRE Reporting Procedure describes how this cross-jurisdictional process works.