Advisory Services

UAC is committed to providing proactive advice on internal controls, operations, and compliance. Requests for advisory services may come from various management levels throughout the university and often involve emerging issues in research, information technology, or compliance. The information we provide assists management in decision-making and improving operations and are communicated verbally or through memorandums.


An audit is a formal examination and analysis of operations, functions, or programs that is performed using industry standards defined by the profession of internal auditing. These engagements are designed to facilitate positive changes going forward, through analyzing historical information about the area being audited.

Consulting Services

Consulting projects are collaborations between management and UAC. The project objective will vary depending on the needs of management, but may include improving an existing process, assisting in the implementation of a new system, interpreting laws, rules, policies, and other guidance, or facilitating education/training programs. These services are proactive in nature and can be helpful to any university function or department.


An investigation is an objective review of evidence related to a complaint or allegation. The President and the Board of Trustees have charged UAC with performing investigations related to the university and its related organizations. Reports of concerns and allegations may not be supported by the facts. That is why it is critical that the investigative process be managed discreetly and confidentially to ensure the integrity of the process.

IT Reviews

UAC’s information system projects are performed in accordance with the ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) standards and guidelines. ISACA has designed this guidance as the minimum acceptable level of performance required to meet the professional responsibilities set out in the ISACA Code of Ethics for Auditing and Control Professionals.