Accounts Receivable

Emergency Student Loans

Financial Aid Expense Loan is available through the Financial Aid Office for students whose financial aid funds are delayed and who have demonstrated emergency conditions. An emergency condition is one, which is unexpected, i.e. could not be anticipated and prevents you from accessing, or obtaining, the funds necessary to pay educational expenses.

The loan is due by the date indicated on the promissory note and will not extend past the end of the semester in which it was issued. The loan is due by the due date even if no  financial assistance funds have been received and regardless of the status of additional financial aid to be received. In the event the loan is not repaid in full by the due date  a service charge for late payment of $50.00 will be assessed. Delinquent loans will cause a hold on all student records, including registration, transcripts and future Expense  Loans. The student is responsible for all cost associated with the collection of past due amounts. The current interest rate is 12% APR. All expense loans will be direct deposited.  Please be sure to sign up for e-deposit in OASIS. Financial Aid from a succeeding year can not be used to repay this debt.

For more information, please contact the Financial Aid office at (813) 974-4700.