Public Bids

Awarded Bids 2017-2018


18-25-MH Appian Consultants
18-23-MH Printing Services of Oracle

18-27-RR Admissions Collateral Material Printing Services
18-05-YH MDL Building 114 Reroofing 
18-22-MH High Performance Computing Equipment 2018
18-08-MH Snack Vending Services
18-20-PC Hazardous Waste Disposal Services
18-21-YH Office Lab Moves and Related Services

18-17-YH General Contracting and Related Services
18-16-MH Bookstore Management/Retail Services
18-01-MH Marketing & Promotional Items
18-19-MH Atlassian Hosting Services
18-10-MH Access Control for Housing and Residential Education - CANCELLED
18-02-MH Low Voltage Inside Cabling & Wiring Services
18-14-MH Marketing & Consulting Services
18-18-TM Landscaping, Irrigation & Related Services
18-11-GC Laurel Drive Garage Repairs/Maintenance
18-13-YH Turf Fertilizer
18-04-YH Chilled and Hot Water System Chemical Treatment


18-26-YH KRC -2123 Controls System Replacement
18-01-STP Deionized Water Systems MSL/KRC