Responsibility Center Management


Responsibility Center Management (RCM) at USF is a customized budgeting system that assigns more distributed access to resource decisions for academic colleges and deans.  Under this budget approach, revenue-generating areas are referred to as "responsibility centers" with revenues and support costs assigned to them.  RCM's underlying premise is that the decentralized nature of the model entrusts academic leaders with control of their allocated financial resources, leading to more informed decision-making and better outcomes for the University as a whole.

The primary goals of RCM are to provide transparency, predictability, and accountability for budgets.  This will, in turn, promote fiscal responsibility and efficiency, and allow USF to better its performance metrics and other strategic goals.

USF will be phasing in its implementation of RCM over the next 2 fiscal years. 


Phase 1 of RCM

Phase 1 will be limited to E&G sources of funds.  Only incremental revenue will be distributed via a modified RCM budget model.


Phase 2 of RCM

Phase 2 will incorporate research indirect costs (F&A) in the enhanced RCM budget model, and is scheduled for implementation beginning in FY 18.