School of Accountancy

Careers in Accounting

Accounting is both a challenging and rewarding career choice. There are a variety of career options under the accounting umbrella including; auditing, tax, forensics, business consulting and corporate compliance. Ultimately accountants are employed to verify that financial records, both on a personal and a corporate level, are accurate and timely. Accountants add value to corporations by ensuring that the organization runs in the most efficient and effective manner possible. For more information on Accountants and Auditors, visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics website or the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) website.

Students often find the process of interviewing with companies for internships or permanent employment frustrating and confusing. In an effort to provide students guidance, the USF School of Accountancy Advisory Council and public accounting firms collaborated to make a document guiding accounting majors and accounting recruiters.  Students who are interested in interviewing with these firms should familiarize themselves with these Best Practices.