Sponsor Information

During the first several weeks of each semester sponsors receive via email the resumes of potential interns. Each company is expected to respect the interview process and notify students in a timely manner of decisions to hire, or not to hire. Once the interviews are completed, companies negotiate directly with the students regarding work schedule.

It is important to realize that the course is composed of highly motivated seniors. Most earn all of their college expenses. Paid internships are expected and will result in more student interest than unpaid ones.

Each sponsor aids interns in the creation of five objectives for the semester. The students are required to spend at least 100 hours working towards completion of these objectives.

At midterm the sponsor will be asked to evaluate the progress of the student. A final evaluation will be requested at the end of the semester. More than 50 percent of the course grade is based on this evaluation, so thoughtful critique of the student's performance is expected.

Although students are allowed only one semester in the internship class, they are coached to plan to remain with their sponsor on a part time basis until graduation if offered the opportunity.

Companies are screened and added to our database of intern sponsors only if they are determined to meet the program's requirements:

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