Employer Relations

Tips for Success at Corporate Connections

Don't wait until you're desperate for a job – start networking NOW!

About the Event...

This event is set up in a reception-style atmosphere that provides an opportunity for graduate business students to meet companies and discuss career opportunities. Informal discussions will take place in a more relaxed environment than a typical career fair. Rules for career fair etiquette still apply, including professional dress and researching the companies in attendance prior to the event. Unlike a career fair, you may be in a situation where you must approach an employer on your own and begin a conversation, and you should prepare accordingly.

Example Networking Conversations...


It has been said that the first 30 seconds are the most valuable in any business conversation.

Conversation Questions:


After the Event: The Follow-up ...

At a networking event such as this one, follow-up will be your key to success. Remember to send the employers that you spoke with a thank you letter within 24 hours. Tell them you enjoyed meeting them, and remind them of the conversation you shared.