Employer Relations

Networking Bull of the Semester

Every semester, the University of South Florida College of Business hosts various networking events for students to be a part of. Networking has always been an essential part of a business student's education and career success, and we want to know what you have done to be successful. We will recognize two of our outstanding students as the "Networking Bulls of the Semester", which will be determined by various business faculty and staff. We look forward to receiving your application and hope to see you at many other networking events here at USF.

Fall 2013 Winner - Anna Morra





Leadership Roles:

I have demonstrated leadership by supporting others in their growth, connecting peers through my network, having power lunches with professionals, taking charge to implement solutions in the workforce, and sharing my knowledge with my peers.

My Key Success Factors:

The key success factors that brought me to where I am now include being an active volunteer, being dependable in work and school, communicating face to face with colleagues and coworkers instead of via email, keeping business cards with me wherever I go, never being afraid to ask questions, reading books on personal and professional development, exercising six days per week, and eating healthy.

My Advice to Fellow Students:

Whenever you are invited somewhere, just show up. There's a reason you are invited, and you never know who will lead you to impactful opportunities. With dedication and passion, the power of networking will pull you towards your goals. With willingness, there is always room for growth and learning. Professionals are interested in students who are driven and optimistic. Use your time to read up on your industry of choice while giving yourself related projects and research. Keep growing personally and it will come out professionally.