Master of Science in Marketing


Foundation Courses

These courses are taken by students who do not have an undergraduate degree in marketing from an AACSB accredited institution completed within the past 5 years. Students who do have such degree should consult with the MS Marketing advisor to request a waiver of these courses. Students who have an undergraduate degree in a business field other than marketing may be able to waive the QMB 6305 Managerial Decision Analysis but will most likely need the MAR 6815 Marketing Management. These courses are taken in your first semester of the program. 

Marketing Core

Elective Coursework (12 credits)

Electives allow students to tailor the program to meet individual career objectives by focusing on a specific area such as supply chain management, marketing communications, social marketing, marketing research, or some other aspect of marketing. Elective coursework may be a combination of marketing, non-marketing business, and non-business courses. The specific courses will be chosen based on mutual agreement by the Director and the student.