Master of Science in Real Estate


The Master of Science in Real Estate is a specialized degree that blends the study of finance, architecture, geography, and engineering. The program balances real estate theory and practice by applying research to real-world problems within a well-defined framework. This interdisciplinary approach to real estate and land use management distinguishes USF's program from other real estate programs offered at other universities that focus exclusively on the business aspects of real estate.

Each of the three participating colleges has a critical mass of faculty who work in the area of "sustainability," a "sustainability" component is included in the program. This component further distinguishes the proposed program from other more traditional real estate programs and is one that seems particularly appropriate for individuals who want to work in this area.

Admission Requirements

To be admitted to the MSRE program, an applicant must:

The primary requisites for success in the MSRE program are strong motivation, good quantitative skills, and basic intellectual ability. An undergraduate major in finance is not required, but a sound background in finance, mathematics, and statistics normally will permit completion of the MSRE program in one year.

Financial Assistance

A limited number of graduate assistantships, which include partial tuition waivers, are available. For information, email

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