Admission Requirements

The Muma MBA program mixes several types of learning: teamwork, class discussion, presentations, case analyses, and experience. We seek competitive candidates who would fit well in this multi-faceted learning environment to become part of the USF Muma MBA community.

The admissions committee bases its decision on the strength of the application as a whole. Current students have an average of five years of professional working experience, as well as an excellent academic record. Outstanding qualities in one area may compensate for a weakness in another. The admission committee will consider prior college-level academic performance, GMAT (preferred) or GRE scores, professional work experience, community or volunteer service, and any other information that might help convince the committee that the applicant is a good fit for this program.

Test Scores

For the most recent classes, the GMAT average has been around 572. We strongly recommend that you prepare well before taking the GMAT. A GMAT review course is available.

As part of the portfolio approach, applicants with 5 or more years of upper level managerial experience* may request a GMAT / GRE waiver. Waivers will only be considered with other exceptional qualities of the overall application, including, but not limited to: GPA, years of professional work experience, upward mobility, potential for reaching the c-level executive. Only applicants with complete applications can request waivers. GMAT waiver requests are not guaranteed, and approvals for these requests are extremely selective.

*Examples of upper level managerial experience include but are not limited to: hiring/firing, significant budgetary authority, profit/loss responsibility or higher level project management experience that includes supervisory responsibilities.

Waiver requests do not guarantee approval. Each request is reviewed individually and waivers are granted on a selective basis.

Undergraduate Degree

Applicants must hold a degree from a regionally accredited undergraduate institution in the United States or from a recognized institution in a foreign country, but MBA students come from a myriad of backgrounds. They hold undergraduate degrees from a variety of areas, such as business, psychology, communications, medicine, education, engineering, arts, or architecture. Students work in fields as varied as sales, education, military, manufacturing, healthcare, marketing, technology, the arts, banking, or professional sports.

Strong candidates earned at least a 3.0 GPA in their last 60 undergraduate credit hours. In our most recent MBA classes, the average undergraduate GPA was 3.3.

Language Ability

International applicants from non English-speaking countries must also meet minimum TOEFL scores.