International Programs


There are numerous opportunities to discover the international business arena, with programs that often transform the way students think, solve problems, and view the world around them. Students can compare business practices, view overseas operations, and learn how to approach problems in a global marketplace.

While USF offers numerous excellent programs that are open to all USF students, the College of Business offers separate programs exclusively for business majors where students can earn business credit hours that apply toward their majors. Short summer programs for graduate students complement in-class instruction and provide exposure to both emerging and established markets. Students in the Executive MBA program travel together as a cohort.

Undergraduates have a range of programs to choose from, with different locations, lengths of stay, and course offerings. Carefully-planned, short summer study abroad trips, where faculty travel with students, ensure that students not only master the coursework, but also explore the city and immerse themselves in the culture of the host nation. Semester study abroad options offered at partner institutions give students more flexibility and the freedom to explore on their own.

Costs and accommodations vary by location, itinerary, and coursework offerings. Aid is available for some all study abroad programs.