Bulls Business Community

Bulls Business Network

What is the Bulls Business Network (BBN)?

The BBN, an organization for high-achieving first-year students, provides an avenue for aspiring business students to enjoy early admission to the business school and take advantage of special registration and advising opportunities.

Students are accepted into the BBN automatically based on their high school GPA and SAT or ACT test scores. Admission to the BBN only occurs during the student's first year and is automatic. Students are not eligible to be considered for the BBN past their freshman year.

Students admitted to the BBN as freshmen are the only students eligible to take a course reserved for BBN students. Please submit a request for BBN courses here and please comment in the notes section that you are a BBN student.

Are non-BBN students eligible to earn a permit to take a BBN course?

Yes. Students who are not members of the BBN may take a course reserved for BBN students. However, a minimum USF GPA of a 3.00 is required in order to be eligible for a BBN permit. NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you have a minimum USF GPA of 3.00, you may apply for a BBN permit starting the Wednesday before classes begin each term.

In the comments section, please write a note stating you are not BBN, but would like to request a permit.