Entrepreneurship Minor

This is an interdisciplinary entrepreneurship minor for majors in 1) business and 2) industrial and managing systems engineering. This minor prepares graduates to enter their chosen major area of concentration in a variety of for-profit and not-for-profit positions. Students will demonstrate professional competencies in team building, oral and written communication skills, analytical abilities and information technology proficiencies. These are essential entrepreneurial skills. The requirements are:

  1. The course requirements are as follows:

    Course Title Cr. hr.
    ENT 4014 New Venture Formation 3
    EIN 4933 Selected Topics: Creativity and Technology 3
    And two courses from the following: 6
    EIN 4933 Selected Topics: Product Development
    ENT 4424 Fundamentals of Venture Capital
    MAN 4802 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
    MAN 4804 Small Business Management Counseling
    Total 12

  2. A grade point average of 2.00 or better must be achieved in the course work at USF and in all minor courses completed at other institutions.
  3. At least 9 hours of the required 12 credit hours must be taken in residence at USF Tampa.