Become an Employer Partner

Sponsorship opportunities are available as an additional recruitment strategy. 

Gold Sponsor – $2500 annually

Green Sponsor - $1500 annually

Interview Room Sponsorship - $2000 (12 month period)
Sponsorship provides exposure for your organization throughout the calendar year. In recognition of your sponsorship, a gold plaque with the organization's name and corporate logo will be placed on the door of the designated room for 12 months. There are a total of six interview rooms and sponsorship availability is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Placement of company logo on the Career Services website - $800

Social Media Highlight - $800 (taxable)

Recruitment video placed on digital boards (limit 2 minutes) - $1200 per semester (taxable)
This is a company-provided video, of no more than two minutes, which will be shown on the Career Services digital board, a prominent location for student viewership. Purpose of the Virtual Outreach Program is for employers to promote their company to potential candidates (note: Career Services must approve the content, which must be focused on employment opportunities and company profile. Solicitation or sale of products or service will not be accepted). The video will be shown on the digital boards twice a week over an eight-week period. It will also be highlighted on the Career Services Facebook once a week for a four-week period.

Company Sponsored Shirts
Purchase polo shirts with the USF Career Services logo for the Career Services staff. Your company name and/or logo will be placed on the shirt sleeves.

Friends of Career Services
Sponsorship of this kind will allow Career Services to increase our efforts with providing service to students. This is a contribution to support the activities of Career Services and can be in the form of any monetary amount.

Library Resources - $10,000
Career and Job Search Reference Library can be named by the sponsor. A gold plaque (8X10) placed on library door with sponsor's name. Library sponsorship is for two academic years.

Software Support - $7,000
Career Services provides a menu of online services (i.e. job search and career management system, resume builder, employer search, etc.). A sponsorship of software includes the placement of the company's logo on the login screen. The logo will remain on the system for one academic year.

Career Peer Work Sponsorship - $3500 for one academic year
Career Peer Work Scholarship donations provides funding for the Career Services Career Peer program which creates awareness of Career Services programs and services and provide peer-to-peer Career Coaching. As a sponsor, your organization will be featured on our Career Services digital boards. Boards are located in high traffic areas. A photo of a company representative and the sponsored Career Peer will be placed on the digital boards as well as the Career Services Facebook page.

Professional Dining Etiquette Event Sponsorship - $2500 per event
Our Professional Dining Etiquette program takes place once a semester and provides students and alumni with training on business etiquette by a certified business etiquette trainer. As an event sponsor, your company name will be placed on all promotional materials, event program, and website; and one company representative serve as host per table.

Prepare for the Fair Event Sponsorship - $2500+
This event is held each semester, the week prior to the Career Networking Fair to assist students in getting prepared for the upcoming fair. Sponsors of Prepare for the Fair are involved in a variety of programs to increase their visibility on campus and brand their name with students. As a Prepare for the Fair event sponsor, your company name will be placed on all promotional materials, event program, and website.

Perhaps you have other suggestions for how you would like to help support career services at USF? We'd love to hear your ideas! Email us at RecruitUSF@usf.edu.