Employ-A-Bull Instructions


During the summer of 2016, the office of Career Services is upgrading the Employ-A-Bull system for our students, alumni, and employers with a system powered by Handshake.  For more information about this transition and a list of key deadlines and milestones, please visit our Employ-A-Bull Upgrade information site.

You may continue to use these instructions for our current system through June 30, 2016.


Employ-A-Bull – Employ-A-Bull is the on-line job search system used by USF Career Services that allows employers to post job listings, search student and alumni résumés and manage their on-campus recruiting schedule. To create an account, complete the following steps:

Please Note...once you complete the registration page and click register, our office will review and approve you as a contact and then you will receive an email with instructions on Employ-A-Bull

Posting a Job in Employ-A-Bull: Once you have created an Employ-A-Bull account you may post jobs for the following position types: Full-Time, Part-Time, Internships or Cooperative Education. The following are instructions for posting positions through Employ-A-Bull:

Searching Student Resumes in Employ-A-Bull: With an Employ-A-Bull account you will be able to search for and view student and alumni resumes that match your hiring criteria. This service is available for full-time positions, Co-op, internships, part-time jobs and on-campus interviews. After viewing the resumes, you may call the candidates you are interested in interviewing to schedule a meeting at your work site. If you prefer to conduct your interviews on-campus, we will be happy to provide you the use of our interview rooms on a space-available basis. The following are instructions for viewing student resumes through Employ-A-Bull:

Sending a Mass Email in Employ-A-Bull: You can use Employ-A-Bull to reach out to students in the database directly through a mass email. By entering your hiring criteria you can directly email the candidates you are interested in reaching out to. The following are instructions for sending a Mass Email in Employ-A-Bull:

On-campus Interviews (OCI): You can use Employ-A-Bull to schedule On-Campus Interviews. OCI's offer a convenient, central location for you to conduct all of your interviews at USF. To schedule an On-Campus Interview fill out an OCI schedule request form by completing the following steps: