Internship Information for Employers

Career Services acts as a clearing house for advertising internships.  Internships are one-semester work experiences which provide students with the opportunity to gain career-related skills in a real-world work setting. They also provide employers an opportunity to observe the intern's performance, and can serve as a pipeline for future full-time employees.

Internships can be paid or unpaid and may be considered for academic credit. For an internship to count as academic credit it must be coordinated through the student's academic department, supervised by a faculty member, and the student must be enrolled in a formal internship course.

Career Services does not administer formal internship programs nor offer academic credit for internships. Students and employers must coordinate this through the student's academic department. If you are considering a paid internship for credit you may want to consider the cooperative education program outlined below.

Unpaid – For Credit Internships

Employers who are seeking students to fill unpaid internships and are expecting students to receive academic credit should consider the following:

Unpaid – Not For Credit Internships

While the University prefers that all internships be paid, employers who wish to post unpaid internships must consider, as well as agree to, the following:

Paid - For Credit Internships

If the position you are recruiting for meets the following requirements, you may want to consider Co-op as an option: