Career Fairs

USF Career Fairs are a great opportunity for students and alumni seeking employment to network face-to-face with employers. Additionally, USF also participates in the Statewide Job Fair and several virtual job fairs each year.

Career & Internship Fair Week

We hope you were able to attend our Fall 2017 Career Fairs. If not, our Spring 2018 fairs are right around the corner! Registration is currently open and information is available for both employers and student in Handshake. We look forward to seeing everyone at the fairs!

Part-Time Job Fair

Our Part-Time Job Fairs provide USF students and employers the opportunity to discuss part-time employment opportunities in a casual atmosphere. Offered at the beginning of fall semester, as part of the First Fifty Days program, and in late spring, to gear up for summer, these fairs are a great way to secure employment that complements your student schedule.

Florida Statewide Job Fair

The Florida Statewide Job Fair is held each May at the University of Central Florida in Orlando for graduates of the ten Florida State University System schools, which includes the University of South Florida. Sponsored by Florida Career Centers (FCC), this event allows you to meet and network in-person with employers for a wide variety of organizations.

Virtual Job Fairs

Through our partnerships with the Florida Consortium of Metropolitan Research Universities and CareerEco, we offer a number of virtual job fairs throughout the year. Virtual career fairs provide students with a convenient way to meet with employers who recruit throughout the year or may not be able to recruit physically, on-campus.