When and How Do I Apply?

Co-op Application Timeline

Due to the Co-op interviewing and selection process, it is important that you adhere to the following application timeline*. To maximize your opportunities, it is best to apply at the beginning of the application period. 

Summer 2016 Co-op opportunities
Fall 2016 Co-op opportunities
Spring 2017 Co-op opportunities
 * Please note the dates above are subject to change, and this site will be updated to provide adequate notice if changes do occur.

Co-op Application Process

IMPORTANT:  Review the Co-op eligibility page to confirm that you meet the prerequisite criteria to participate in Co-op before proceeding through the Co-op application process.


1. Log into your Handshake account and click on the Co-op Orientation and Application link located above the Announcements section to view and listen to the on-line Co-op Orientation. If you are interested in viewing the Orientation without submitting an application you can do so here.

2. After viewing the Orientation, you will need to pass both the eligibility check and Co-op knowledge quiz (based on Orientation information) to gain access to the Co-op Application.

3. Please allow 72 business hours for us to process your application. You will receive an email from as to your application status and your next step in the process which is having your resume approved by your Career Consultant.


International Students Only

In addition to the Application Process above, you must also complete the USF Career Services Authorization E-Form through iStart. Career Services will process your application when this form is received from International Services.