Explore Major Possibilities

Welcome to USF Major Possibilities.

This online career assessment tool is designed to assist you in selecting a major that matches your interests, and choosing the career path that's right for you.

The assessment consists of three steps:

Step 1
Complete a career interest inventory designed to help you learn more about your interests.

Step 2
View the results of your career interest inventory.

Step 3
Explore majors and careers options that might be right for you.

Step 1: Take the Career Interest Inventory and Step 2: View Your Results

Watch this video and it will guide you through the process of taking the career interest assessment and processing your results.  If you are a new transfer student starting in summer or fall 2014, please use the code below in number 7 and not the code in the video.  If you are an existing student and would like to take career assessments, please contact Career Services at 813-974-2171 and schedule an appointment with a Career Counselor.



Below are the written instructions found in the video to access the Career Interest Assessment in MyPlan:

1.   Go to the MyPlan website (

2.   Click the tab on the right titled "Account"

3.   Click the button titled "Create Free Account"

4.   Fill out the fields on the "Account Information" form

5.   Read and agree to the "Terms of Use" and "Privacy Policy"

6.   Click "Continue"

7.   Fill in the field titled "License Code" as follows:

for new freshman starting in summer or fall 2014 enter HWNRPE3B

for new transfer students starting in summer or fall 2014 enter Z4N84858

for existing students, please make an appointment with a Career Counselor by calling Career Services at 813-974-2171

8.   Click the button titled "Submit Registration"

9.   Complete the career interest inventory, titled "Interests Test"

Step 3: Explore USF Majors

Finally, use the results of your career interest inventory to view a listing of majors that may be right for you.

career traits

As noted in the video, when you completed the career interest inventory, the assessment identified your top two traits. We recommend that you click the links below that correspond to these two traits to learn about college majors and corresponding career paths that may be right for you.







Time to Declare Your Major

Now that you've completed your Major Possibilities career assessment, it's time to declare your major

We hope you have enjoyed this resource. If you have any questions, or would like assistance with the process, please email: