Our Commitment to Your Success

The University of South Florida values experiential learning as a key component to a student's undergraduate and career success.  Internships, Co-op, service learning, research, and extended volunteering can help students build confidence in their choice of major and career path.  Experiential learning also helps students to become "career-ready" by developing the critical transferable skills that prospective employers seek in candidates across industries.

There are many ways to achieve success, but following our experiential learning pathway can help you to assure career success upon graduation!

The Career Services Experiential Learning Process

The connection across this continuum of experience is our Career Readiness programming, which gives you the map and keys for your own unique career journey toward success!


Ready to get started?

1. Log in to Handshake using My USF and make sure your profile is up to date and has a current resume. Can't get it to Handshake? Click here to make sure you are eligible for an account and to see help options.

2. Let our Career Express service help you with your resume and enhance your profile.

3. Career Express can also help you to learn more about conducting an effective internship search!

4. Transfer students, juniors, and seniors - make an appointment to work with your Career Consultant!  Call us at (813) 974-2171 to set up your appointment today.

5. Not sure which way to go? Come see us for Internship and Part-Time Job guidance. We can help you figure it out what your next step is.

6. Connect with our career readiness programming and internship events to learn more – they're free and can more personal than conducting a web search on your own.


The Internship and Career Readiness Team

Lynn Chisholm, M.S., CPM, Director (

Christina Ingrassia, MPA, PSHR, Assistant Director (

Diane Mellon, M.A., Coordinator of Cooperative Education (Co-op) (

Jennifer Utroska, M.S., Coordinator of Student Employment (