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Career Job Search Videos

Now you can access important information related to job search skills strategies 24/7. Check out the career job search videos.

Job Search Prep

Are you ready to apply your education and expertise to the world of work but need assistance navigating the job search process? Empower yourself to be the most competitive candidate by educating yourself on how to stand out from the crowd. Provided are the key components to a successful job search equipped with resourceful links hand-selected by the USF Career Services staff.

Job Search Resources

If you are ready for your job search, we are here to help connect you to employers and job openings. Utilize our online job search resources or career library resources to connect you with your next employment opportunity!

Résumés and Cover Letters

Résumés and cover letters are marketing tools whose primary focuses are to land you an interview. These documents are designed to demonstrate the unique skills and qualifications you can bring to the company and position. Each document has its own unique purpose. It is important for the applicant to learn how to best market themselves on each document. Bring in a hard copy to Career Express and we will provide you with feedback!

Employer Research

Employer research is an important part of your job search process and can help you gain familiarity of the company’s organizational culture, structure, services, and mission. Individuals, whether a job seeker or not, can benefit from employer research to help select an ideal work environment. Let the Career Services help you get started with your employer research!


Did you know that 80% of positions are obtained through networking? By networking with professionals in targeted companies and/or occupations of interest, opportunities are more likely to arise. Networking helps gather information to make educated decisions on majors, careers and employers. Career Services' events, social media, friends, family, and associations are great networking resources.


Interview preparation can be overwhelming to do on your own and Career Services can assist in many ways. Optimal Interview is a great virtual resource link to practice answering interview questions right at home. Career Express is a helpful service for general interview Q&A. One hour long mock interviews can be scheduled as well with your career counselor liaison. Call or visit for more information.

Dress for Success

When interviewing for a job or talking to a recruiter at a career fair, you have 30 seconds to make a good impression. The first thing the employer sees is what you’re wearing. Will dressing properly get you the job? Of course not, but dressing wrong could cost you the job. It pays to have the right clothing for the type of job you’re seeking. It’s an investment in your future! Check the links for professional attire guidance.