Health Professions (Pre-Health)

Designed to prepare students for admission to professional schools of medicine, osteopathic medicine, chiropractic medicine, dentistry, optometry, podiatry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, physician assistant, and physical therapy. Most of these professions require four years of pre-professional preparation followed by four years of training in a professional school. A few well-prepared students with exceptional qualifications may be admitted to some professional schools as early as the completion of the junior year of pre-professional work. The preprofessional programs do not meet requirements for a degree; therefore, students must choose a major in addition to fulfilling their pre-professional requirements. Most pre-professional students major in the sciences because of their interests in the health sciences, and because of the considerable overlap between the pre-professional curriculum and the degree requirements for majors in the biology and chemistry departments. Entrance into all professional schools or programs is competitive, and students should begin establishing a record of excellence with the first semester at USF. Furthermore, it is essential that students pursue courses developing a sense of understanding of cultural and humane values as well as basic social problems. Students should also have some clinical and/or volunteer experience related to the medical field. Please note that some careers below will require further education.

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