Though we can never fully understand the past, the study of history provides us with a unique opportunity to learn from people and events from other times and places. Historians help interpret the past and can help us draw a roadmap for the future to deal with vital contemporary problems, including the interrelationship between human society and the environment, issues of war and peace, and the processes of decision making. Those who choose to major in history have numerous career opportunities including careers in writing, research, historic preservation, museum and archival curatorship, and governmental research.  History is one of the top choices of undergraduate majors for students wishing to enter law school. History students also make excellent political advisors, working on political campaigns as researchers, speech writers and policy analysts. History majors often pursue careers in education at all levels, working in secondary and post-secondary institutions. Please note that some careers below will require further education.

Related Career Titles:

College/University Faculty
Foreign Service Officer
Historic Preservationist
Political Scientist
High School Teacher

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