Public Health

The base of knowledge for public health comes from a variety of disciplines, ranging from social sciences to biological sciences and business, brought together by a commitment to improve the public's health. While physicians treat the ills of individuals, public health professionals focus on the prevention of disease and promotion of health. Some students are attracted to public health because of their passion for making a difference in the lives of at-risk populations. Others seek to improve the lives of Americans by targeting one of many health topics, such as tobacco, nutrition, overweight and obesity, reproductive and sexual health, environmental quality, injury and violence, and access to health services. Public health experts examine such questions as, Who gets certain diseases and why? Can a common element be changed to prevent an illness among an entire population? Does that element require a change in behavior; technology, or the health care delivery system? How can we motivate individuals to change their behavior? How should the health care delivery system be changed to improve access and treatment? Often, answering such questions requires stepping into the political arena where experts and advocates can develop policies and programs that give everyone an opportunity to lead a healthy life. Please note that some careers below will require further education.

Related Career Titles:

Community Health/Outreach Worker
Environmental Health Scientist
Global Health Specialist
Health Communications
Health Educator
Health/Hospital Administrator
Medical and Health Services Managers
Mental Health Researcher
Occupational Health and Safety Specialists
Social Scientists & Related Workers

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