Research and Evaluation Concentration

mscabh research concentration

The fully-online Master of Science in Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health (MSCABH) program offers four areas of concentration within the overall program curriculum. Applicants should review the information on each of the four concentrations and select the one that most closely fits with your desired interests and career goals. If after viewing the information on the concentrations, you are still uncertain about which one would fit best with your specific situation, please contact either the Director(s) of the Concentration(s) for which you plan to apply, and/or Amy Green, PhD. Keep in mind that there is overlap between all concentration curriculum and the choice of concentration should be based on your specific interests, and career and educational goals. The choices of concentration and track (thesis or applied/non-thesis track) need to be declared at the time of application.

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In this concentration, students will gain knowledge and practical experience in these areas:

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