For Veterans

Military veterans are uniquely qualified for the cybersecurity field because of their training, and often, their security clearances. USF's cybersecurity programs will provide skills that will not only capitalize on veterans' strengths but will also provide nearly immediate access to the kinds of jobs that will enable them to remain in the state and contribute toward economic growth.

A specialized cybersecurity certification program, uniquely tailored for veterans (both in-service and transitioning) is currently under development and slated for launch in the fall of 2015.

USF has a long history of supporting the veteran community. In 2012, the USF Office of Veterans Services Ranked No. 4 in the nation by Military Times Edge Magazine as a "Top College for Vets." Given USF's proximity to MacDill Air Force Base, which is home to two major commands (U.S. Central Command & U.S. Special Operations Command), USF is well-positioned to support service members that continue to serve and those looking to transition to meaningful careers after service.

Visit: USF's Office of Veterans Services for more information