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Florida Center for Cybersecurity launches new educational program for veterans through JPMorgan Chase "New Skills at Work" Initiative
June 24, 2015

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Cybersecurity Goes Local: Protecting our systems, data and citizens - QC Cover Story
June 18, 2015
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Small Bay area company caught in hacking attack - 10 News
June 5, 2015

UWF, Space Florida collaborate on cybersecurity - Pensacola Today
May 27, 2015

Army Reserve, Colleges Join Forces to Boost U.S. Cyberdefense - Govenrment Technology 
April 22, 2015

Southeast Schools Hoping to Fill Need for Insurance Cybersecurity Experts - Insurance Journal
April 20, 2015

Top things to do in Tampa Bay for April 16 - Tampa Bay Times
April 15, 2015

Pentagon: US Cyber Reserve Is in the Works - Nextgov
April 14, 2015

'Shark Tank' star, 'Dancing With the Stars' contestant Robert Herjavec to speak at USF - Tampa Bay Times
April 2, 2015

Fairleigh Dickinson, Rutgers report cyberattacks - The Bergen Record
March 30, 2015

The race to build the Silicon Valley of cybersecurity - Christian Science Monitor
March 25, 2015

Florida: From 'sunshine state to 'cyber state' -The Christian Science Monitor
March 25, 2015

ISIS hit list raises online privacy concerns - WTSP 10 News
March 23, 2015

FDLE investigating cyber-attacks that caused testing delays in schoolsTBO
March 9, 2015

Secure selfie: At USAA, banking app taps facial recognition feature - Tampa Bay Times
March 9, 2015

Cybersecurity: Taking a Proactive Approach is Key - Government Technology
March 4, 2015

Cybersecurity center opens doorsThe Oracle
February 8, 2015

USF's cybersecurity center opening at opportune time The Tampa Tribune
February 6, 2015

New USF center focuses on cybersecurityWTSP 10 News
February 6, 2015

More timely than ever, the Florida Center for Cybersecurity at USF opensSaint Peters Blog
February 6, 2015

USF opens new center to fight cyber crime News13 Orlando
February 6, 2015

University of South Florida to become the new research hub for cyber security GroundReport
February 6, 2015

Ribbon cutting for Cybersecurity Center comes as danger increasesWUSF News
February 6, 2015

University of South Florida goes on the offense against cyber crimeABC Action News
February 6, 2015

USF awarded grant to study cyber securityWTSP 10 News
January 29, 2015

USF receives $300,000 grant to study CyberSecurityWWSB ABC
January 29, 2015

$300K grant offers real-world cybersecurity training - The Oracle
January 29, 2015

USF cybersecurity program gets $300K boostTampa Bay Business Journal
January 28 2015

Florida Colleges Rushing to Offer Degrees in Cybersecurity Insurance Journal
January 26, 2015

Colleges create cyber programs to fill worker demandMarine Corps Times
January 20, 2015

USF at the Center of CybersecurityThe Oracle
January 20, 2015

Florida Colleges rush to create cybersecurity soldiers to protect computer from hackersDaily Reporter
January 18, 2015

Florida Colleges Rushing to Create Cyber SoldiersClaims Journal
January 15, 2015

USF experts say today's CENTCOM hack is a new type of attackWFLA
January 12, 2015

Common medical device could cost you your privacy ABC Action News
January 8, 2015

In 2015, watch these people in a rebounding Tampa Bay economy Tampa Bay Times
January 2, 2015

Cyber security bring waged at USF WFLA
December 18, 2014

Cybersecurity the Focus of USF ConferenceWUSF News
November 13, 2014

University of South Florida Earns Prestigious Cybersecurity Designation - USF
October 13, 2014

USF hacking demo exposes security weaknesses - 10 News
October 8, 2014

Data breaches inevitable, cybersecurity conference at USF told Tampa Bay Times
October 8, 2014 

The Florida Center for Cybersecurity at USF - USF
September 23, 2014

Florida Center for Cybersecurity at USF: Helping to Make Florida the Cyber State - Tampa Bay Partnership
August 5, 2014 

USF Center for Cybersecurity sees strong student interest - Tampa Bay Business Journal
August 1, 2014

Diebold claims skimmer-proof ATM device - WTSP 10News
July 30, 2014 As the number of cases that involve skimming devices installed on ATM increases across the Bay area, an Ohio-based company unveiled what it calls the "world's most secure anti-skimming card reader."

Businesses take a broader role in shaping higher education - Tampa Bay Times
July 11, 2014 Sri Sridharan is on a daunting mission: to create the state's first cybersecurity center at the University of South Florida, developing a curriculum by this fall for an inaugural class of master's degree candidates.

Think you haven't been hacked? - WFLA
July 3, 2014 If you think you haven't been hacked, think again. You might have been hacked and not even know it.

Florida Center for Cybersecurity established at USF - USF
June 2, 2014 The center, a first of its kind and funded with $5 million in next year's state budget, will work to make Florida the national leader in this emerging and critical field.

Cybersecurity expert: Be afraid, be very afraid
- The Tampa Tribune
May 12, 2014 With 20 years of Internet history behind us, do we have a handle on cybersecurity?

Upcoming (ISC)²® Training Seminars for Information Security Professionals offered at USF - USF
May 9, 2014 Industry certification review courses to meet today's cybersecurity training needs.

USF Ranks Number 7 in Forensics Colleges List of Top Programs - Forensics Colleges
April 29, 2014 The massive volume of electronic data produced and stored has created new and exciting career opportunities in emerging fields like cybersecurity and computer forensics.

Bringing the Cybersecurity Challenge to the Social Studies Classroom - Social Education
April 28, 2014 USF College of Education faculty members Dr. Michael Berson and Dr. Ilene Berson recently published an article discussing cybersecurity in Social Education, the journal of National Council for the Social Studies. The original article can be found at

Bolstering Cybersecurity Education - Careers Info Security
April 25, 2014 As the University of South Florida prepares to launch its master's program in cybersecurity in the fall, working with (ISC)² is a logical step, says Sri Sridharan, managing director of USF's cybersecurity initiative.

ID thieves may use your info to apply for unemployment checks - WTSP
April 14, 2014 Imagine your employer telling you someone has applied for unemployment benefits in your name. It's happening in Florida thousands of times a year.

Windows XP users are at risk of new computer viruses, starting next week - WFLA
April 4, 2014 Sri Sridharan, Managing Director of Cybersecurity at USF, discusses the discontinuation of support for Windows XP with WFLA's Shannon Behnken.

Strategic Cyber Intelligence is Essential to Business Security - INSA
March 27, 2014 USF's Dr. Randy Borum, a member of INSA's Cyber Intelligence Task Force, contributes his expertise in addressing the need for cyber intelligence strategy assessment.

SunTrust Foundation kicks off USF lecture series on global economics with speech by acclaimed cybersecurity author - Cybersecurity at USF
March 4, 2014 Marking its dedication to support the University of South Florida's cybersecurity initiative, the SunTrust Foundation today presented USF with a $1 million check to endow a partnership lecture series on global economics, beginning with a lecture focused on the importance of cybersecurity.

Cyber security concerns create new business opportunities - WFTS
March 3, 2014 When word of the compromised credit card crisis hit retailers such as Target and Neiman Marcus this past winter, it also hit consumers as a fact of life.

Need for cybersecurity solutions create job demand - WTSP
March 3, 2014 Massive data breaches have become a national problem. Recently we've seen several cases where hackers have been able to swipe consumers credit card information, pin numbers and other personal information from national retailers.

USF conference aimed at thwarting cyber hackers - Bay News 9
March 3, 2014 Is your personal information at risk? That is a question for all consumers but became even more relevant in the wake of the massive credit card and debit card data breach during the recent holidays.

Thurston: Target breach highlights the importance of cybersecurity - Tampa Bay Times
March 3, 2014 I finally did it. A few months after Target announced that criminals had stolen credit and debit card data from millions of customers, I decided to ditch my debit REDcard, which is tied to my bank account.

Talk Back Florida: The Maiden Voyage - News Talk Florida
March 3, 2014 The debut episode of Talk Back Florida with Lynn Marvin Dingfelder was action packed and full of great guests. Lynn welcomed former Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio and cyber security expert Sri Sridharan.

USF cybersecurity program gets a lot of love from nerds and suits - Tampa Bay Business Journal
February 24, 2014 Amid growing national concerns about cybersecurity, the University of South Florida is positioning itself to take the lead on working with businesses to ward off cyber threats.

How easy is it to hack your information? - WFLA
February 21, 2014 "I think everything is pretty vulnerable. A determined enough adversary with enough resources, skills and time, I think, can get into any system," said computer security expert and USF Professor Jeremy Rasmussen.

NerdScholar Favorites: Cybersecurity Programs - NerdScholar
February 19, 2014 NerdScholar has named USF the "Best Program on the Rise" for cybersecurity. Beginning in fall 2014, USF will converge its cybersecurity efforts in an online cybersecurity graduate certificate and master's degree in four concentrations.

USF students pushing for new Cybersecurity Center - WTSP
February 12, 2014 College students from USF weren't coming home from a bar at 3:30 in the morning Wednesday, they were heading to Tallahassee to make a difference.

Your smart phone and other gadgets, a new frontier for hacker - WFLA
February 11, 2014 Sri Sridharan, Managing Director of Cybersecurity at USF, talks to WFLA's Stacie Schaible.

USF's Cybersecurity Initiative is the Right Sort of Thinking in New Economy - The Bradenton Times
February 9, 2014 The University of South Florida's latest initiative to become a leader in the field of cybersecurity could be a big step in the right direction.

USF, (ISC)2 Partner To Bridge Cybersecurity Workforce Gap - 83degrees
February 4, 2014 The University of South Florida is taking cybersecurity education head on, partnering with the world's largest not-for-profit information security professional organization (ISC)2.

USF sees potential in rise of cybersecurity for education and economy - Tampa Bay Times
January 31, 2014 As anxiety escalates over credit card breaches at leading retailers, fresh attacks against Yahoo Mail accounts, national security privacy intrusions and even the threat of cyberwar, Tampa Bay is learning how to fight back.

New bill to mandate notification of hacked customers - 10 News
January 31, 2014 USF's Sri Sridharan discusses the recent Yahoo breach with regard to a new bill co-sponsored by Senator Bill Nelson.

USF Partners with Cybersecurity Leader - USF News
January 21, 2014 USF is teaming up with the world's largest not-for-profit information security professional body to offer cybersecurity certifications through future academic programs.

USF's Sri Sridharan on Bay News 9 - Bay News 9
January 9, 2014 Sri Sridharan, Managing Director of USF's Cybersecurity initiative, discusses current and future trends in cybersecurity.

USF Moves Forward in Cybersecurity Center Plan - USF News
November 27, 2013 Florida faces a narrow window of opportunity to capitalize on one of the most in-demand, high-paying, and rapidly growing fields of our time — cybersecuri­ty.

Board of Governors OKs USF cybersecurity center - Tampa Tribune
November 21, 2013 The state university system's Board of Governors has signed off on a proposal to create an ambitious Florida Center for Cybersecurity on the University of South Florida campus.

USF plans Center for Cybersecurity - Tampa Bay Business Journal
November 20, 2013 The University of South Florida is proposing the creation a Florida Center for Cybersecurity, a national center of research on the increasingly important topic.

USF poised to create Florida cybersecurity center - WFLA
November 19, 2013 Cyberattacks reported by federal agencies have grown nearly 800 percent in the past six years.

USF poised to create Florida cybersecurity center - Tampa Tribune
November 19, 2013 USF officials will appear before the state university system Board of Governors today to pitch the creation of a Florida Center for Cybersecurity at the Tampa campus, an organization called for by Gov. Rick Scott and the Legislature to put the state at the forefront of the growing field.

USF could become a hub for cybersecurity training - Tampa Bay Times
November 16, 2013 The modern shootout between good and evil is happening on a new battlefield.

USF Looks At Adding Cybersecurity Program - WFLA
October 18, 2013 Whether it's getting your credit card account hacked, or the National Security Agency spying on everyday people, cybersecurity is becoming one of the biggest jobs in information technology.