Global Cybersecurity News

Confronting the Myth of the 'Digital Native' - The Chronicle of Higher Education
April 21, 2014 A decade after Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook at Harvard University, the idea that an ambitious young person should maintain a clean record, digitally speaking, might seem like yesterday's news.

Bits: Heartbleed Internet Security Flaw Used In Attack - CNBC
April 18, 2014 Within 24 hours of the Heartbleed bug's disclosure last week, an attacker used it to break into a major corporation, security experts said Friday. 

The 'Heartbleed' security flaw that affects most of the internet - CNN
April 9, 2014 A major online security vulnerability dubbed "Heartbleed" could put your personal information at risk, including passwords, credit card information and e-mails.

Worldwide cyber threats map goes online in Runet - The Voice of Russia
March 28, 2014 Kaspersky's Lab has launched a new Internet service, which in real time shows cyber threats registered worldwide.

How Ukraine crisis could dent country's booming cyber-crime - The Christian Science Monitor
March 26, 2014 Ukraine is notorious worldwide as a haven for cyber-criminals, but Ukraine's need for international assistance could result in pressure to crack down on the country's cyber-underworld.

FACT SHEET: U.S.-EU Cyber Cooperation - The White House
March 26, 2014 The new high-level U.S.-EU Cyber Dialogue announced at the 2014 U.S.-EU Summit will formalize and broaden our cooperation on cyber issues, building on shared commitments and achievements in key areas.

To Win Sales, Go Where Competitors Fear to Tread: Security - Infosec Island
March 24, 2014 Incidents like the recent Target credit card data breach heighten awareness of the need for better security, but they don't really drive change.

Sources: Credit Card Breach at California DMV - Krebs on Security
March 22, 2014 The California Department of Motor Vehicles appears to have suffered a wide-ranging credit card data breach involving online payments for DMV-related services.

Study: Most Global Businesses Unprepared For Cyber Attacks - CBS DC
March 19, 2014 Most businesses around the world are not ready to fight back against cyberattacks, according to a new report.

Alexander: Promote Cyber Command to full unified command status - The Washington Post
March 12, 2014 The Pentagon's cyberwarfare organization should be elevated to a full command akin to the U.S. Central Command over the next year, said its outgoing head, Gen. Keith Alexander. 

Russia's Cyber-Weapons Hit Ukraine: How to Declare War Without Declaring War - The World Post
March 10, 2014 Today, utilizing cyber weapons falls into the category of largely being accepted (even if unhappily) as part of how countries exercise their power while falling short of the line of armed conflict treated as an act of war.

Calif. man denies he's Bitcoin founder after Newsweek report - Fox News
March 7, 2014 A 64-year-old Japanese-American man is vehemently denying any connection to bitcoin, despite a Newsweek cover story identifying him as the brains behind the bits.

What Will $5 Billion in Military Cyber Spending Pay For? - Defense One
March 5, 2014 The Pentagon wants $5.1 billion for cyber operations next year, an increase of about $4 million over this year's budget, but exactly what the military wants to buy with that money is unclear.

Russia, the Ukraine invasion, and U.S. cybersecurity implications - ZDNet
March 3, 2014 ZDNet's resident cyberwar expert, David Gewirtz, presents a SITREP (situation report) analyzing unexpected areas where US interests might be vulnerable in the unlikely event that the Russian invasion of Ukraine generates a response by US or UN forces.

New Virus Spreads Like The Common Cold - Via WiFi - Forbes
February 26, 2014 It started in the laboratory of a university in England. It was called Chameleon - and it was a computer virus.

Critical iOS, MacOS Bug Can Expose Your Confidential Data, Update Now - Kaspersky Lab
February 24, 2014 On Friday, Apple released an urgent update to iOS 6 and 7. The only fix in the update is well worth bothering yourself with the update process, and doing it as soon as possible.

White hats to the rescue - The Economist
February 21, 2014 Law-abiding hackers are helping businesses to fight off the bad guys.

U-Md. computer security attack exposes 300,000 records - The Washington Post
February 19, 2014 More than 300,000 personal records for faculty, staff and students who have received identification cards at the University of Maryland were compromised in a computer security breach this week, school officials said.

Post-Target breach ripples may cost $200 million - CNBC
February 19, 2014 Costs associated with the holiday breach of Target's credit security have escalated for banks and credit unions, and now top $200 million.

GPS pioneer warns on network's security - CNBC
February 14, 2014 The Global Positioning System helps power everything from in-car satnavs and smart bombs to back security and flight control, but its founder has warned that it is more vulnerable to sabotage or disruption than ever before.

Bitcoin exchange halts withdrawals after cyber-attack - BBC News
February 12, 2014 Bitstamp - one of the world's largest Bitcoin exchanges - has halted withdrawals after coming under cyber-attack.

Email Attack on Vendor Set Up Breach at Target - Krebs on Security
February 12, 2014 The breach at Target Corp. appears to have begun with a malware-laced email phishing attack sent to employees at an HVAC firm that did business with the nationwide retailer.

Florida Targets High-Dollar Bitcoin Exchangers - Krebs on Security
February 7, 2014 State authorities in Florida on Thursday announced criminal charges targeting three men who allegedly ran illegal businesses moving large amounts of cash in and out of the Bitcoin virtual currency.

Visitors to Sochi Olympics should expect to be hacked (video) - engadget
February 5, 2014 There's little question at this point that the logistics in Sochi, from hotel rooms to public infrastructure, are a mess, but one of the greatest threats to visitors is one they can't see.

Senate cybersecurity report finds agencies often fail to take basic preventive measures - The Washington Post
February 4, 2014 U.S. officials have warned for years that the prospect of a cyberattack is the top threat to the nation and have sharply increased spending for computer security.

As Cyber Crime Matures, More Hacked Accounts Expected - Forbes
February 3, 2014 Last week's arrest of Russian bank hacker extraordinaire Aleksander "SpyEye" Panin doesn't mean online bank accounts are suddenly safer.

Report: Hotels company apparently hacked, exposing guests' credit cards - CNN
February 3, 2014 White Lodging -- a company that maintains Hilton, Marriott, Sheraton and Westin hotel franchises -- has apparently suffered a data breach that exposed guests' credit and debit card information in 2013, independent security researcher Brian Krebs said.

Rogers Tabbed as Next Cyber Command Chief - U.S. Department of Defense
January 30, 2014 Navy Vice Adm. Michael S. Rogers is President Barack Obama's nominee to become the next commander of U.S. Cyber Command, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said in a DOD news release issued today.

Cyber security expert alarmed at how much companies are outsourcing - Baltimore Business Journal
January 29, 2014 A cyber security expert at the National Institute of Standards and Technology says this past year has been an eye opening experience for the federal agency.

White House cyber security chief warn U.S. must better protect itself - Baltimore Business Journal
January 29, 2014 The White House's cyber security coordinator on Wednesday warned of an apocalypse if the U.S. doesn't address the nations growing cyber threat.

US retailer Michaels warns of possible payment card breach - CNBC
January 25, 2014 Michaels, the biggest U.S. arts and crafts retailer, said it is investigating a possible breach on its network.

FBI warns retailers of more cyber attacks - USA Today
January 24, 2014 FBI has discovered about 20 hacking cases in the past year that involved the same kind of malicious software used against Target.

Gaming Console Hacks - Kaspersky Lab Daily 
January 23, 2014 The PlayStation Network attack was among the largest known data breaches to date.

Retailers, banks play blame game over Target's security breach - Tampa Bay Business Journal
January 23, 2014 Target's security breach has sparked a war of words between the National Retail Federation and the Independent Community Bankers of America.

CrowdStrike Takes on Chinese, Russian Attack Groups in Threat Report - SecurityWeek
January 22, 2014 Russian attackers targeted energy sector targets and a Chinese nexus intrusion group infected foreign embassies with malware using watering hole tactics in 2013.

House Subcommittee Passes Legislation to Protect Critical Infrastructure - Tripwire
January 21, 2014 The House of Representatives Subcommittee on Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Protection and Security Technologies has passed a bill to bolster provisions to protect the nation's critical infrastructure.

Cyber attack targeted 28 embassies in Tehran, report shows - Haaretz
January 9, 2014 Emails to embassies in Tehran about the Syrian conflict contained a new data-mining malware, to which no defenses had yet been programmed.

The Future Of Global Cyber-Security Is In The Cloud - Forbes
January 9, 2014 Both hackers and antivirus makers were put on notice last week when two shining stars in the $67 billion worldwide cyber-security universe announced their merger.

Undisclosed number of T-Mobile customers impacted in data breach - SC Magazine
January 6, 2014 An undisclosed number of T-Mobile customers may have had personal information compromised after an unauthorized party gained access to a file stored on servers.

Malware attack hits thousands of Yahoo users per hour - CNN
January 5, 2014 A malware attack hit Yahoo's advertising server over the last few days, affecting thousands of users in various countries.

Double threat: US grid vulnerable on two fronts - CNBC
January 3, 2014 Consensus is growing that the U.S. electricity grid is vulnerable to both hacking and physical attacks.

Extremists, cyber-attacks top Americans' security threat list - Pew Research Center
January 2, 2014 Seven-in-ten say that cyber-warfare represents a major threat to the country.

Target Slapped With Suits After Security Breach - ABC News
December 23, 2013 The store "failed to implement and maintain reasonable security procedures".

Federal agencies to hire more cyber defenders in 2014 - The Washington Post
December 22, 2013 While some agencies may see staffing reductions to cut costs, one area of federal growth is cybersecurity.

Army Cyber Command announces Fort Gordon as new headquarters - The Augusta Chronicle
December 19, 2013 The Army Cyber Command announced Thursday that it will consolidate its operations at Fort Gordon.

Target Hit by Credit-Card Breach - The Wall Street Journal
December 19, 2013 Customer's info may have been stolen over Black Friday weekend.

NSA's Malware Heroics Questioned By Security Experts - InformationWeek
December 16, 2013 NSA says it thwarted a nation state's BIOS-bricking malware plot, but info security and privacy experts say the agency is trying to snow the American public.

Tech Bubble Is Stable for Cybersecurity Companies - U.S. News
December 13, 2013 Social media booms, but cybersecurity enjoys more stable growth.

NASDAQ Security Chief to Head New Cyber Crime Unit - Financial News
December 12, 2013 The global exchange community has picked NASDAQ OMX's information security chief to head up a new cyber security unit.

Cyber Security Watch List for 2014: Seven Trends - Healthcare Informatics
December 9, 2013 What cyber measures should your organization take in the year ahead?

Hackers Compromise 2 Million Facebook, Twitter and Gmail Accounts - Mashable
December 6, 2013 More than 2 million accounts have been compromised from popular sites.

Adobe Announces Security Breach - New York Times
October 3, 2013 Hackers infiltrated the computer system of the software company Adobe, gaining access to credit card information and other personal data from 2.9 million of its customers, the company acknowledged on Thursday.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month - Homeland Security
October 2013 October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month and it is an opportunity to engage public and private sector stakeholders – especially the general public – to create a safe, secure, and resilient cyber environment.

Energy Department Announces New Investments of Over $30 Million to Better Protect the Nation's Critical Infrastructure from Cyber Attack -
September 19, 2013 Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz today announced awards totaling approximately $30 million for the development of new tools and technologies to strengthen protection of the nation's electric grid and oil and gas infrastructure from cyber attack.

State-Sponsored Hacker Gang Has a Side Gig in Fraud - Wired
September 17, 2013 An elite group of nation-state hackers running roughshod through the financial sector and other industries in the U.S. has pioneered techniques that others are following, and has used sophisticated methods to go after hardened targets, including hacking a security firm to undermine the security service the company provided its clients.

Supreme Court Weighs When Online Speech Becomes an Illegal Threat - Wired
September 17, 2013 The Supreme Court is being asked to decide when an online threat becomes worthy of prosecution, in what could be the first internet speech case to reach the high court's docket for the 2013-2104 term beginning next month.

Fingerprints Could Be Solution For Half of iPhone Owners Who Don't Lock Their Phones - Huffington Post
September 13, 2013 Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer confessed something this week that surprised some security experts: She doesn't lock her iPhone.

Secret Spy Court Demands Surveillance Transparency From Feds - Wired
September 13, 2013 The secret spy court at the center of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden's leaks today ordered the government to begin declassifying its opinions involving the Patriot Act.

NSA Backdoors Could Cost US Companies Billions in Business Abroad - Tech News World
September 12, 2013 Today in international tech news: NSA "backdoors" could hurt U.S. telecommunications firms abroad.

Considering a Cyberstrike Against Syria - Tech News World
September 10, 2013 The military may consider cyberweapons just another tool, but whether they should be used at all in a Syrian action is debatable.

Neutralizing the 'Weapons Grade' Enterprise Cybersecurity Threat - Tech News World
September 9, 2013 "We've got to change the paradigm here," said CSC's Dean Weber. "We've got to get better at threat intelligence. We've got to get better at event correlation. We've got to get better at the business of cybersecurity. And it has to be a public-private partnership that actually gets us there, because the public has an interest in the private infrastructure ... . That's not just U.S. -- that's global."

Chinese Cyberspies Are Hacking Into America's Small Businesses, But Not For The Reason You'd Think - Huffington Post
September 5, 2013 A wide range of small businesses and institutions -- from pizza restaurants and medical clinics to synagogues and universities -- have been both victims and unwitting accomplices in sophisticated cyber espionage campaigns being carried out by hackers in China, security researchers told The Huffington Post.

As Government IT Spending Drops, Cloud Rises - Tech News World
August 27, 2013 "Funding shortfalls will push out project milestones so that innovations intended to be implemented in the near term will take longer to be completed," said Alex Rossino, principal research analyst at Deltek.

FBI Agent: We've Dismantled The Leaders Of Anonymous - Huffington Post
August 21, 2013 The hacker collective Anonymous has not produced as many high-profile cyber attacks as it once did, a drop-off that can be directly attributed to the arrests of the group's core members, an FBI official told The Huffington Post this week.

3 Password Tools That Can Simplify Your Life, And Protect You From Hackers - Huffington Post
August 18, 2013 The recent news that someone using your computer can see all of your passwords stored in Chrome with a few clicks made me aware of something that I had known -- but ignored -- for a long time: I have five or six passwords for dozens of accounts.

Kim Dotcom Charges Into Secure Email Fray - Tech News World
August 14, 2013 Kim Dotcom seems to relish confrontations with the authorities, and now he's apparently galloping on his white horse to the rescue of those seeking shelter from government surveillance.

General Alexander at Black Hat USA 2013 - YouTube
July 31, 2013 Gen Alexander spoke this year as the keynote speaker at Black Hat USA

7 Anonymous Hackers Who Have Been Unmasked - Huffington Post
June 7, 2013 Another member of the hacker collective Anonymous has been unmasked this week.