Advising Services

Advising/Support in the College of Education

Get Good Advice! Student Academic Services (SAS) offers academic advising for undergraduate and MAT students, and scholarship information. The Graduate Support Office (GSO) provides administrative support to non-teaching master’s degree programs as well as the College of Education’s Specialist and Doctoral programs.

Teacher Certification Services

Find helpful teacher certification exam services & practice tests to help you Get Certified!

USF Student Services Departments

Use these valuable services to improve your academic and career success. Get Graduate advising. Find tutoring and other learning services. Career Services supports you in your process of dreaming, planning, and achieving career goals and provides walk-in services called Career Express and Job Shop hours. Students of Concern Assistance Team (SOCAT) offers supportive intervention and guidance to any USF student who is struggling.

FloridaShines Hub of Educational Services

Learn more about Florida's student hub of innovative educational services. Review transcripts. Search Libraries, Find career resources. Explore becoming a Florida educator or search for scholarships.