Graduate Support Office (GSO)

Graduate Support Office (GSO)

Locate Graduate Support Office location, hours and find more information about GSO, which provides support to the College of Education graduate community and its partners to foster an environment of student success and academic excellence. Contact the Graduate Support Staff. Get graduate advising from USF Office of Graduate Studies.

Graduate Programs

Locate the graduate program that is just right for you. There are many concentrations offered under the umbrella of Curriculum and Instruction. Graduate Certificates are also offered in a number of areas. The College of Education fulfills this vision by: offering challenging learning opportunities in a supportive and diverse environment; creating and supporting research, scholarship, and inquiry in education.

Master of Art in Teaching (MAT)

If you have been admitted to the Master of Art in Teaching (MAT) or if you have an earned a bachelor's degree in an area outside of Education and are interested in teacher certification, please see the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program page for more information. On completion of a MAT program, students will have a master's degree and will be eligible to apply for their professional certificate.