Science Teaching Accelerated Master's Program (STAMP)


The BA/BS to MAT Accelerated Degree Program

A Collaborative Initiative Between the Colleges of Education and Arts & Sciences.

The College of Education and the College of Arts & Sciences have collaborated to create a limited number of BA or BS to MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching) degree programs. Students may complete the BA/BS to MAT Program in the following areas:

What science majors are eligible for STAMP?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What if you are not majoring in any of these?

You may be able to change your major to Interdisciplinary Natural Science. You can find out information about the Interdisciplinary Natural Science major in the Undergraduate Catalog.

How do you do it all in just 5 years?

Apply to STAMP in your junior year. During your senior year, complete 12 credits toward the MAT in Science Education. The year following receipt of the Bachelor’s degree is spent completing the remainder of the MAT courses.

Get both your Bachelor's and Master's on an accelerated schedule!
These combined degree programs provide academically talented and educationally mature students the opportunity to fulfill integrated requirements of undergraduate and master’s degree programs on an accelerated track. The program allows students to count some of their graduate courses toward both degrees, thus reducing the time it would normally take to graduate by two semesters. The combined degree program reduces the cost of both degrees and enhances the marketability of students for career advancement.

Become proficient in your content area and become certified to teach in the process!
The Accelerated BA or BS to MAT Degree Program offers benefits for students who decide to pursue a career in the teaching profession. It provides the background within specific liberal arts disciplines and then allows students to take that knowledge into an accelerated master’s degree in teaching, designed around collaboration, academic excellence, progressive research, and ethical practices within diverse environments.

Financial Aid

Financial aid funds may be available for the graduate portion of the program. Undergraduate degree costs should be satisfied with existing financial aid such as Bright Futures and Prepaid Tuition. The student is responsible for the difference in tuition costs between the undergraduate and graduate course rates. Prepaid tuition can fund the first 120 hours. Graduate courses that apply toward the undergraduate degree are funded at the undergraduate rate and the student is responsible for the difference. Students are advised to meet with a representative from Financial Aid prior to formal admission to the graduate program. Contact the USF Financial Aid Office at 813-974-4700 or visit their website.

Students admitted to the Science Teaching Accelerated Master’s Program (STAMP) may apply for a $20,000 scholarship from the Robert Noyce USF Scholarship Program for Science Majors.