Science Teaching Accelerated Master's Program (STAMP)

Admission Requirements

The STAMP Program is designed for academically talented and educationally mature students who meet the following criteria:

Disclosure of Arrest and Conviction
If you are interested in pursuing the BA/BS to MAT program and are concerned about how a previous arrest or conviction could affect your admission to or completion of the program, please contact Dr. Paulette Walker in the College of Education. She can research whether the issue is serious enough to prevent you from participating in the required internship placement. Dr. Walker can be reached at 974-1804.

How to Apply

It is very important that students interested in the STAMP Program work closely with their undergraduate academic advisor to ensure timely application to the program and a seamless transition from undergraduate to graduate status.

Please review and follow these steps carefully:

  1. Contact your Student Academic Services (SAS) undergraduate academic advisor in the relevant subject area:
  2. File an Accelerated Degree Program Interest Form.
  3. Submit the Interest form to your undergraduate advisor (instructions are on the form).
  4. When the time comes to apply for the graduate program, submit the Accelerated Degree Program Application.
  5. Provide an official copy of the General Knowledge Test (GKT) score report verifying passing scores on all four sections of the exam when submitting the Accelerated Degree Program Application. For more information about the GKT, please visit our Teacher Certification Exams page. For more information on Testing and Certification Services visit our Teacher Certification site.

NOTE: The test code for the GKT is 082.

*Applications for the Accelerated Program are due May 1. Late applications will be accepted through July 15.

You are encouraged to apply for the Robert Noyce USF Scholarship Program for Science Majors at the same as you submit your application to the Accelerated Program. This will expedite the review process.

A Special Note on Additional Testing Requirements

In order to graduate with the MAT, students must complete all portions of the Florida Teacher Certification Examination (FTCE). Official copies of score reports verifying successful completion of Professional Education Test and the applicable Subject Area Examination must be on file prior to the student's term of graduation.

Information on the FTCE (GKT and SAE) can be found on our Teacher Certification Exams and Testing pages.