Internship Requirements

Final Internship

The following information pertains to final internship. Undergraduate students with questions about various types of Field Experience should inquire with department program coordinators.

Internship Application

Read the Final Internship Application Directions and submit your Final Internship Application.

Phone 813-974-3440 or email Dianne Wood, for Internship Advising.

The final internship experience involves observing and teaching in an early childhood, elementary, secondary, or exceptional classroom. Candidates who have not completed a field experience or practicum in a diverse setting through a required course in the College of Education at the University of South Florida by the time of final internship will be placed in a diverse setting for final internship. This fifteen (15) week experience is an uninterrupted, continuous experience.

Internship Placement

Coordinate with the Clinical Education Office and your Academic Department to determine where your Final Internship Placement will be.

The College of Education offers students an opportunity to intern at one of our many Professional Development Schools (PDS). Teachers in these special public schools work in partnership with faculty in the College of Education and are very involved in teacher preparation.

FTCE Professional and Subject Area Test Scores

Any intern that does not submit passing Florida Teacher Certification Examination (FTCE) Professional Education (PEd)  and Subject Area (SAE) Teacher Certification Exams test scores to their Academic Advisor in the Student Academic Services Office by the deadline will receive no better than an incomplete for their final internship grade. It takes several weeks to receive your official FTCE test scores. Please make sure to register so that you have enough time to receive your passing FTCE scores by the deadline.

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