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New Publications Alert


Engaging Florida Residents: Motivations and Impacts of Community Gardens in Tampa Bay

August 2017 Authored by USF College of Public Health Faculty and Graduate Students: Jennifer Marshall, Mindy Price, Joseph England, Kate LeGrand, and Russell S. Kirby

Abstract: While the impacts of community gardens have been well documented, research has mainly been concentrated in only a few urban areas of the United States. This paper highlights the social impacts of community gardens on west central Florida individuals, families, and communities. We use theories of community engagement to explore relationships between members and their larger spheres of influence. In this study, we surveyed 75 members of eight community gardens in Tampa Bay and sued geographic information systems (GIS) mapping to show spatial distribution of gardens and members. Findings highlight multilevel impacts of community engagement in social, education, and altruistic domains. Community gardens promote community engagement among members. The impacts of community gardens extend beyond the membership structure. Click here to read more. 

Application of mixed-methods design in community-engaged research: Lessons learned from an evidence-based intervention for Latinos with chronic illness and minor depression

August 2017 Co-authored by Kelsey Anderson, Isabella Chan, Jaime Corvin, Dinorah (Dina) Martinez Tyson


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Featured article, Service Learning Experience Effects on High School Students' Learning of Science Practices, in Science and Service Learning collection

Co-authored by Allan Feldman, Ph.D., Science Education, College of Education, Department of Teaching and Learning Dec 1, 2016 For a preview click here.

Universities and Their Cities: Urban Higher Education in America

Steven J. Diner has published Universities and Their Cities: Urban Higher Education in America (April, 2017).  (The USF Library has an electronic copy.) Drawing on the archives and publications of higher education organizations and foundations, Universities and Their Cities argues that city universities brought about today's commitment to universal college access by reaching out to marginalized populations. Diner shows how these institutions pioneered the development of professional schools and PhD programs. Finally, he considers how leaders of urban higher education continuously debated the definition and role of an urban university. In an interview with Inside Higher Education, Diner notes that ""All urban institutions have a great opportunity to engage undergraduate, graduate and professional students in city internships and experiential learning, which has become quite popular in recent years. In addition to such instruction-based activities, more and more institutions have embraced a commitment to fostering civic responsibility in students through volunteer service. In short, I would argue that all colleges and universities in cities should engage with their municipality, and that such engagement greatly enhances their mission."

 Peer-Reviewed Journals

The following peer-reviewed journals publish community-engaged research, including research related to civic engagement and service-learning in higher education.

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