Experiential Learning Programs

Experiential learning is an essential part of higher education at all levels. Internships, practicums, field experiences, professional field placements, clinical residencies, and cooperative learning all provide opportunities to bridge theory and practice while preparing students for successful transition into the world of work.

USF offers a wide variety of experiential learning programs in many disciplines. Browse experiential learning programs by college and department by clicking on the links below.

Arts and Sciences

Behavioral and Community Sciences


College of The Arts



Global Sustainability


Public Health

Undergraduate Studies


Arts and Sciences

Africana Studies

Anthropology, Applied Anthropology

Anthropology, Field Schools

Anthropology, Undergraduate Internships

Cell Biology, Microbiology, and Molecular Biology (Health Science Majors)


Chemistry, Medical Technology


Geography, Environment, and Planning

Geology, Professional Science Master's Degree Program

Government and International Affairs, International Studies Internship

Government and International Affairs, Political Science Internship Program

Health Science majors (Cell Biology, Microbiology and Molecular Biology)

Humanities and Cultural Studies

Integrative Biology

Mass Communications

Political Science Internship Program

School of Public Affairs, Legislative Internship Program

School of Public Affairs, Tallahassee Internship Program


Women's & Gender Studies

Women's and Gender Studies, Applied Careers in the Field

Behavioral and Community Sciences

Aging Studies

Child and Family Studies, Applied Behavior Analysis

Child and Family Studies, Institute for Transnational Research and Education

Communication Sciences and Disorders, Audiology

Communication Sciences and Disorders, Speech-Language Pathology


Mental Health Law and Policy

Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling

Social Work, BSW Field Program 

Social Work, MSW


Information Systems and Decision Sciences


College of The Arts

Art History

Institute for Research in Art, Contemporary Art Museum

Institute for Research in Art, Graphicstudio

School of Art and Art History


Childhood Education and Literacy Studies, Early Childhood

Childhood Education and Literacy Studies, Elementary Education

Physical Education and Exercise Science, Exercise Science

Physical Education and Exercise Science, Physical Education

Psychological and Social Foundations, [Career Counseling Program]

Psychological and Social Foundations, [Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program]

Psychological and Social Foundations, School Counseling Program

Secondary Education, Foreign Language Education

Secondary Education, Social Science Education

Special Education


Computer Science and Engineering

Industrial and Management Systems Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Global Sustainability

Patel College of Global Sustainability



Public Health

Public Health, Domestic Field Experience

Public Health, International Field Experience

Undergraduate Studies

Career Center