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To whom is the program open?

Internship postings are available to all undergraduate and graduate students via Employ-A-Bull, a free database for students and employers to access. Students are able to access Employ-A-Bull from the Career Services' homepage by clicking on "Find A Job, Employ-A-Bull for Students."

Must students be majors in the department in which the program is being offered?

No, because this isn't a formalized program. Students will need to review requirements for each individual posting listed in Employ-A-Bull Some employers choose to only make their posting viewable to certain majors that meet their recruitment requirements.

Is an internship an elective or requirement for majors?

It depends on the student's choice of major. An opportunity found in Employ-A-Bull may be able to be used for course credit, but a student should consult with his/her academic college prior to beginning the internship experience if he/she is seeking credit. Career Services does not administer the process of awarding credit.

Is there an application process?

At the minimum, a student should be prepared to submit a resume and cover letter.

Are there course prerequisites or other registration requirements?

It depends on if the student is seeking internship credit from his/her respective academic college.

Is a background check required?

Some employers posting internships in Employ-A-Bull may require a background check. This information will be listed in the individual posting.

Are any IRB-related educational programs or trainings required?
      It simply depends on the individual posting.  
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       Fall 2016